Elaine is staying on track and keeping focused.

 A little more self-organisation was the general theme again for me this week. Then again, is it a touch of procrastination kicking in?!

No matter what the task at hand is, I just must have my lists made. All my ducks lined up and record sheets ready. This way, I feel I am properly prepared for the success I am looking for.

Inspired by Platinum Pilates’ new Client Rewards system, I have signed up to www.mapmyfitness.com – which helps you log your exercise and activities, so you can give yourself a big High 5 at the end of the week! I took my body weight and hip/thigh measurements too. I want to see if my focused lower body training would affect them over the upcoming weeks.

Diet & Nutrition

Having stated previously in this Blog series that I wasn’t going to subscribe to any specific dietary plan to help improve my nutrition, I had a turnabout in my thinking when I happened upon the most amazing book during the week. – The Midlife Kitchen, by Mimi Spencer & Sam Rice

‘Midlife is not a time to be concerned with food fads and foibles, but rather a glorious opportunity to wrest back control of your eating in the interests of health, happiness and a long life.’

‘The Midlife Kitchen’ www.amazon.co.uk.

Their manifesto is to offer simple, sensible advice by taking a ‘grown-up’ approach to helping us improve our health – they eschew the popularised, clean eating concepts and have created over 150 recipes which help restore, rejuvenate and nourish you through your forties, fifties and beyond. Their book is brimmed with gorgeous food recipes. It also has loads of information on the specific benefits the ingredients yield. I would highly recommend it if you know you want to tidy up an already OK diet.

Exercise this week.

With my follow-up Physio appointment with Ben, our Lead Physio, approaching this coming week, I have, admittedly, a bit of making up to do with my homework (which as I write this, was last done 4 days ago!!)

This week I managed;

2 sessions of physio homework, Monday & Wednesday

2 low impact, cardio-based workout sessions in my local gym; Tuesday and Saturday

A fun and extremely challenging Advanced Reformer class with Derek on Wednesday;

Sunday, myself and my daughter Ella-Jane plodded a 2km in Marley Park, as part of the Dublin www.parkrun.ie series for children.

Week 3 will be another step in the right direction.