Lisa Recaps Week 2 Of Platinum Transformation.

My second week was very up and down. Some wins, some set backs. It is the first real week I felt I was moving forward with my goals.

Facing back into reality after a great few days in DisneyLand, Paris, It was time to get serious.

Monday, I was still in Paris until late. I didn’t train, but I did walk over 25,000 steps. That’s almost 10 miles. Diet wise, I wasn’t exceptionally strict whilst away. The donuts and crepes were too hard to resist. You only live once. I made sure I didn’t go overboard, simply allowed a few treats while there. Sleep was very poor whilst away. We were up at the crack of dawn everyday to get to the parks and didn’t get to bed until after midnight. Sleep is incredibly important for performance, energy levels, and for me, personally, it truly affects my diet. I knew this was one area that had to get back to normal as soon as I returned to Dublin.

Tuesday, I was wrecked, really, REALLY wrecked!I slept in and then took a nap in the afternoon, trying to recharge for the week ahead and catch up on the sleep I lost while away. I did not train and barely hit 5000 steps on my fit-bit. This was really not ideal but my body would not have got anything from exercise. I was so tired and drained. Instead, I made sure to drink loads of water, over 3 litres, and got my nutrition back on track with lots of vegetables, protein and good carbohydrates.

Wednesday, I started back teaching. Believe it or not, I hit 10,000 steps during my 3 hour block of classes. All my pacing up and down the studio worked in my favour. I was full of energy and knew it was going to be the day I could finally start back training. I took a Cross-fit class that evening and it was incredibly challenging but rewarding as I know my fitness had dropped. Turns out not as dramatically as I had thought. As soon as I got home I pulled out my Pilates ring and resistance band and started stretching out. Diet was very similar to Tuesday, but I had porridge with whey protein before bed to aid recovery and help me get a better nights sleep.

Thursday Tragedy!

Thursday did not go to plan. It began with me having to cancel my Cross-fit class last minute due to traffic and telling myself I would go to a Pilates class instead. That did not happen. Instead, I spent 2 hours grocery shopping. I got a bit carried away and barely had enough room to fit everything in the kitchen. At least I’ve got everything I need to stay on track for the next while. My nutrition was good on Thursday, and sugar cravings were slowly disappearing.

Friday, feeling super motivated, I did a full mat Pilates routine at home. I also went for a quick workout in the gym. A full body workout using weights and machines to hit my quads, hamstrings, shoulders, lats, chest and back. Nutrition was good again today but I do think I ate a little bit too much. My Friday always start at 5.30am and I usually don’t get to bed until 10.30pm. The longer day, without a nap, usually leads to higher calories. I am not worried about weight gain, nor am I actively seeking it, but I do feel sluggish the following day when I was eaten too much so I try to avoid it.

Weekend Warrior!

Saturday, I started the day with a 4 hour block in Rathmines. Usually, I don’t eat before I start work so instead of my usual eggs for breakfast my first meal is usually around 1pm. I had chicken, vegetables and sweet potato fries. For a treat, I had 2 curly wurly’s (oops). I went to the gym Saturday evening for a full body workout, similar to Friday’s workout, but with a bit more intensity. Unfortunately, during some heavy squats I felt something weird happen with my hip. It wasn’t painful, more of a pull. I stopped my workout, cooled down and then stretched. It eased, but was very tight later in the night.

This continued into Sunday morning, so I went to a Level 1 Reformer class in Leeson Street. Thankfully, it focused heavily on hip mobility and core strength which I desperately needed. Later on, I met some friends in Dun Laoghaire, where we walked the promenade. We enjoyed a coffee in the farmers market but I had no temptation for any of the cakes or sweets which I am really shocked and proud of.

All in all, a good week with 3 mobility sessions and 3 full body workouts. Nutrition on point most of the week. I am feeling really energized going into week 3.

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