Sophie Says, Week one was Hell.

This Christmas I really went over the top food and drink wise, which has left my body feeling tired and sluggish. I regret nothing though! It was a brilliant Christmas.

I woke up on January 1st with a combination of a horrific hangover and a killer flu.

Having been run down with a cold all Christmas, I promised myself I would take it easy and decided to go to brunch with some friends on New Year’s Eve. We had the best of intentions to be home by 8pm, famous last words. Needless to say, Week 1 wasn’t off to a good start.

With the Flu hanging around, I didn’t get into as many classes as I had wanted too. The most strenuous thing I did consisted of telling Netflix that, “Yes I am still watching”. When I managed to emerge from my Flu cave, I brought the dogs for a walk. I also did some light stretching. Week 2 will be better as my partner in crime Liz, has me motivated and ready to go.

Food wise, I ate pretty well and was happy with how disciplined I was in regards to snacking and staying away from the cheese board in the fridge. There is still huge room for improvement, but Rome wasn’t built in a day !

I don’t think I realized just how far off the wagon I had fallen, both food and exercise wise. I really don’t want this operation transformation to be an unrealistic short term “quick fix”. My end goal is that I will have a sustainable diet and exercise routine by the end of January that will serve me for the entire year.