#sophiesays….Sophie’s top tips for Christmas.


With the festive season getting under way we take a time out to chat with some of the team about their top tips for Christmas.

First up is the always awesome Sophie, also known as #sophiesays with her wise words for surviving the festive period.

With the countdown to Christmas, what’s your top tip for our clients to get them ready for party season?

Take at least an hour out every day for yourself and get moving! Whether it’s to come to class, YouTube a fitness video you can do at home, join in with our #fitusin instagram workouts or wrap up nice and cosy and go for a walk. You will be so surprised at how much more you can get done when you are less stressed and how less stressed you’ll be with a little bit of movement (coming from the girl who does her Christmas shopping on Christmas eve) and you won’t feel as guilty about eating the whole cheese board on St. Stephens day.

For someone starting out into fitness would they be better waiting until January to get moving?

JUST GET MOVING!! It is definitely a lot harder to commit to a fitness class around the silly season, but there are so many options! Either pay as you go, exercise in the comfort of your own home using YouTube or go for a walk (cold winter air cures all kinds of hangovers). You will be so happy come January that you are not just “hopping on the band wagon” and will learn how to fit exercise in, even when things are a bit hectic!

Top tip to keep stress at bay over the holiday season.

Drink. Wine.

Do you eat clean & healthy over Christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us?

I do find it difficult to eat well in the colder months. I consider myself a seasonal eater, I am definitely a lot hungrier at this time of year and do my best to fill up on nourishing foods so that I’m not constantly reaching for the mince pies!

How do you stay on top of your workout routine over the festive season?

I take an hour to myself. If it’s raining out I’ll practice from home, if I can make it to a class even better! Motivation isn’t really the issue at this time of year it’s making the time for it! It may mean getting up an hour earlier but so worth it!

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Could be a struggle to fit it down the chimney but a reformer in my living room would be the dream!