Teresa’s Tasty Baked Salmon.

Teresa’s Tasty Baked Salmon with Carrots & Leeks.

Having been brought up by the sea in the north of Spain, we were always lucky to have amazing fresh fish on our doorstep. It has always surprised me how hard it is to find a fishmonger here in Ireland, but myself and the kids love getting in the car and heading to Howth.

My children love this recipe and it’s also very easy and quick to make. Hope you enjoy it.

You will need…..


4 pieces of fresh salmon

1 leek cut in small pieces

2-3 carrots and julienne them

White wine

Olive oil (or an oil of your choice)

Salt and pepper

Baking paper


Pre-heat the oven to 160-180 degrees. Cut the leeks finely and Julienne the carrots. Add a bit of olive oil in a pan and cook them at a low heat until the carrots are slightly soft.

Cut 4 pieces of baking paper and place the salmon, leeks, carrots, a splash of white wine and salt and pepper.

Form 4 parcels making sure there’s no gaps to avoid any leaks. Place them in the oven for 15 minutes. Serve them straight into the plates with some rice (plain, wild or brown).

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