Teresa’s Warm Weather Gazpacho

As the warmer days start to show, I love this really easy and healthy recipe that reminds me to the sunny days back home.

6 big ripened tomatoes (as red as you can find)
2 green peppers
1 red pepper (optional)
1 cucumber
1 onion
Good quality virgin olive oil
Sherry vinegar

Peel and cut into pieces the tomatoes, peppers (take the seeds out), cucumber, onion and garlic.

Pour all the ingredients into your blender and add a little bit of cold water. Blend till you get a rich creamy texture. Add a splash of vinegar and mix once again.

Check if it needs some salt and more vinegar.

Put the mixture through a sieve. If the texture is quite thick, add some more water. Or if it is very thin, I normally have lentil flour (milled lentils) and add some to thicken it rather than using bread as they do in Spain.

Before serving, add a small drop of olive oil and mix.

Serve with really fine chopped onions and peppers on the side so you can add these. I like to accompany it with a fresh salad.