Victoria’s Christmas top tips

With the countdown to Christmas … what’s your top tip for clients to get them ready for party season?

Early nights and healthy food from Monday-Thursday (well maybe Wednesday!) and try and get a tiny bit of exercise in over the weekend. That’ll keep the January panic at bay!

For someone starting out into fitness would they be better waiting until January to get moving.

Nope never wait cos then that might turn into the excuse come Jan! Get moving now even if it’s the smallest little change you can hit the ground running on Jan 2nd

Top tip to keep stress at bay over the holiday season

Why stress?! …. it’s meant to be the time to have fun, let the hair down and spend time with family and friends. If the panic creeps in just remember it’s only a day, who cares if the turkey is a little dry!?

Do you eat clean & healthy over Christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us

Definitely like the rest of us!! I really try my best but then there’s always the amazing cheese & chutneys in thVictoriae fridge, nice wine hanging around so I just dig in! What I do try to do to keep the guilt at bay is up the exercise a little, maybe a few extra runs or a few sessions of Will’s LBT’s classes. Then don’t feel as guilty!

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year

Same every year… for my kids to stay healthy & safe 💙💗💗