Limit saturated fats and trans fats, and aim to eat more foods rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. In the run up to and during Christmas this may feel difficult, but it’s not impossible and if you want to have fun and look great at all the parties then eating well is key!

jade vegetableMaking these changes will cut your risk of disease, ease stress and improve mood.

Eating cold-water oily fish (wild salmon, herring, sardines, trout), lot’s of steamed, raw vegetables (the more colour, the more phytonutrients), don’t skip carbs if they are a vegetable source, it’s cold and we need the fuel (just don’t over do it, if you’re concerned up the proteins and veg and limit the carb intake).

Enjoy feeling better!

Pre and Post Natal Pilates this Autumn

Our experienced team of instructors understand the body's needs and changes during these diverse phases of motherhood.