Christmas is a big time for me, a lot of my family work abroad throughout the year and always return home for Christmas.

For me, Christmas starts straight away on the 1st of December as the food in the shops start to change.

Food suddenly becomes more carbohydrate based and the treats become more plentiful. I find myself eating a bigger variety of food than I normally would. With the increase of nights out and bad food habits, My weight starts to rise. Even though I love the Christmas break, I start to feel uncomfortable being out of routine and the higher intake of food and drink, and cannot wait to get back on track.

Looking back on Week 1.


My first week into the challenge went very well. I knew once we hit the 1st of January that I would need to make a lot of changes.

The first thing I looked into fixing were my meals, and increasing my water intake per day. For me ,changing my meals is very important. By lowering my intake of carbohydrates per meal and increasing my vegetables, this will improve my chances of burning calories throughout the day.

The meal plan I have decided to go with is, 35% Protein, 40% Vegetables, 20% Carbohydrates  and 5% Fats. For me, I find this is the most effective, but different things work for different people. If you are cutting back or changing your diet find what is right for you and don’t get caught up in crazy, faddy diets.

On average, I eat 3-4 meals per day depending on how active my day is going to be. As my days can be pretty busy, I find prepping my meals in advance is key. They are stored in the freezer for the week. For me, this method is less stressful, and it ensures I’m never left without a meal.

Training on track?

Over all, My first Week started good. We had a post Christmas trip to Disney Land Paris, so the legs were walked off me. I started back with level 1 classes in Platinum. I’m taking this time to improve my flexibility and range of movement. My 1km runs are coming along. I’m not increasing my distance yet until I feel myself running faster and more comfortable in the 1 km.

The Christmas break took a little toll of my fitness levels,  but now being back in routine, I will see my fitness increase.

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