As a lover of convenient food this is one the easiest dishes I make. The great thing with the “Buddha Bowl” is you can add in anything you want.

I always find it’s a great one towards the end of the week when you have a miss-mash of vegetables left over in the fridge and you’re not really sure what to make.

As a meat eater I use Chicken, or whatever is in the fridge, but if you are vegetarian you can just leave it out and add extra vegetables. Having the convenience of no set recipe adds to the enjoyment of this dish. You can have so much fun with it.


1 Bag of Cauliflower Rice – Fresh Cauliflower blended works too. Normal rice is fine as well.

1 Bell Pepper – Chopped.

1 Carrot – Diced.

Broccolli – Heads broken into small pieces.

200gs of Chicken – Or whatever meat you like.

Selection of favourite spices. I tend to use Cajun spice.


Heat a pan with oil and cook off your chicken.

Add all your vegetables to the pan and stir in your spices.

Allow to cook fully while you pop the cauliflower rice in the microwave. 4 minutes should do it.

Assemble the bowl, rice on the bottom, Vegetables around the side and meat in the middle.



It’s quick and delicious. Enjoy

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