Healthy Eating

Keep up to date with the latest delicious and healthy recipes from the Platinum team.

Barre Extravaganza with Lauren & Dearbhla

We'll be guiding you through 2.5 hours of Ballet Barre technique and training, flexibility work and stretching, and finishing our afternoon with Nutcracker-inspired choreography
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#sophiesays….Sophie’s top tips for Christmas.

First up is the always awesome Sophie, also known as #sophiesays with her wise words for surviving the festive period. 
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Lisa’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets For Kids Both Big & Small……….

This is one of my favourite healthy comfort food to make and it is easy and fast to do too so it is perfect for busy families. A way to feel like you are having a treat without the can't get better that that!
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Teresa’s Winter Warmers

With the colder days upon us - finding food that heats up the body and staying healthy can be a challenge. Teresa has the perfect blend of comfort & health in her home made winter warmer soup
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Curried Butternut Squash, Lentil Soup & Coconut Soup

Super nutritious soup that will help keep you satisfied as you try to lose the last few pounds.
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What’s for dinner Dearbhla?

It's Dearbhla's turn to spill the beans on eating in and eating out!
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steak dinner

What’s for dinner Victoria?

Victoria gives us a little insight into busy family life and her foodie habits!
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Hummus With Carrot

What’s for dinner Damy?

Platinum General Manager Damy gives us the low down on eating out, eating in and everything in between!
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red pepper hummus

Roasted red pepper Hummus

Teresa shares her versatile hummus recipe - easy and delicious!
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Will Byrne on his bike

Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life.
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healthy raspberry smoothie

Raspberry Fat-Burning Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and phytonutrients.
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Skin Glow Smoothie

Packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin glowing and your body squeaky clean.
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