Transformation Team – Meet Teresa


Meet the first member of our Transformation Team, Teresa

Platinum Pilates Operation Transformation – bring it on!

December is always busy with Christmas parties and family and friends gatherings, so that means plenty of food and drink. I wished I had the will power to keep away.

When I found out that Platinum Pilates was doing an “Operation Transformation” I immediately said I’m in! I’ve never been thin by nature and after having two children, I never went back to my normal weight.

For me, This journey is not just about loosing weight, it’s also about changing my daily habits – nourish and treat my body with respect and by doing this, I’m also setting an example to my children.

Most of us know keeping a normal BMI it’s hugely important. Having those extra kilos really affects your health – increased risk of heart problems, cancer, diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, etc. It could also affect your self-esteem and mental health which we normally forget.


As we age, we also tend to get less active and our muscle mass decreases – and the bad news are we burn less energy and store more fat. The good news is that by staying active and having a balanced diet we can avoid it.

For me fitting classes between teaching and kids could be challenging, but I normally try to attend two Pilates classes a week (I wished I could do them everyday). It’s also my way to switch off doing something I really love which also keeps me sane! I’m not a fan of gyms as I get bored pretty quickly. The endless counting how many calories have I burnt or how many kms have I done just drags the whole process our for me.

Anyway, what am I hoping by doing this challenge? A flat stomach of course! Back from cloud 9 Teresa. I’m hoping to loose some of the extra dreaded kilos and as I said, change my dietary habits.

You’ll see me in class 3 or 4 times a week and I’ll be fitting some power walking around my local park too.

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