Laura-Anne’s class playlist


After a long career in Art and Entertainment in film, theatre and commercials as a Costume Designer and Stylist. Laura-Anne made the leap to join Platinum Pilates. She is comprehensively trained through BASI, specialising in one-to-ones using all Pilates equipment. She is also Stott, Anatomy Trains, and Polestar trained. 

Vitality is everything to her, she demands a high standard of wellness – both for herself and for everyone. She is passionate about the rituals that elevate our energy. Pilates helped her with everyday burdens, allowing for deep strength and balance to allow her to embrace the continuous changes of life.

Laura-Anne believes Pilates tones the mind as it tones the body. It delivers a clarity of thought as you are taken into the movements each time getting that little bit deeper. 

My teaching style is…. evolving every day. It delivers a comprehensive full-body engagement. We go deep, push our boundaries and perceptions of our abilities. We embody the essence of the movements we are woking on, and embody the strength, stamina and balance needed and marvel at our progress. I believe in breaking down movements to encourage functional efficiency. I want to empower my clients to know themselves better, modify and succeed in their goals. Passionate about movement (music aids this and focus on delivering classes with excellent playlists) and the ability to laugh at oneself if you come open you will leave my class all the better. 

Why I love teaching… my tribe. I plan my classes not by the hour but by the month constantly working towards something so people can monitor or feel the sensation of achievement as they improve. Plenty of “ah ha’ moments as ‘Oprah’ would say. 

I believe in… results, and I marvel the happy faces leaving my classes. Delighted with how they pushed themselves. In a world were many people feel stuck to watch people move and feel better for it, is elevating on so many levels. I am incredibly grateful for the souls that grace my class, there is potential in us all and am honoured that people show up to move with me –  it never feels like work.