Sinead started Pilates over 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with the method. After surgery left her body feeling weak for the first time in my life, she found Pilates to be the best route to build strength while being kind to her body.
Sinead left the world of banking and finance behind to follow her love of teaching Pilates, so she can relate to the head space that clients may be in when they arrive to class after a day in the office.
When she is not in the studio, you’ll find her cycling and reading to completely switch off. She can always be found somewhere near the ocean, either having a dip or walking the beach is her happy place.
My Pilates style is… classic with a twist! I encourage a strong focus on breath to connect the mind and body and to facilitate better movement.  I take the classic Pilates repertoire and I add modifications and variations to keep classes fresh and interesting.  I always like to challenge clients, I love a good plank sequence and I strive to help clients discover their true strength.  We are stronger than we think!
I love teaching…. and seeing how much clients benefit from coming to class.  I notice improvements all the time and I am inspired by the commitment of clients. Through Pilates you really get to know your body , you are more aware of how your body moves and more present.  I think it’s brilliant that it translates to life outside of the studio too.  
I believe that… everyone can benefit from Pilates; from professional sports players to anyone recovering from injury to pregnant mothers.  I love the history behind the method and the story of Joseph Pilates. Wherever you’ve come from, I encourage leaving the outside world behind when you arrive on the reformer!