To celebrate, our instructor, Laura-Anne Moone has summed up what it means to her on this amazing day.

‘You belong to no-one’
– Maya Angelou

On the subject of a woman’s strength for International Women’s Day…


Where or what I gather my strength? Self-acceptance is the foundation of my strength, without it, the feeling of strength is fleeting and superficial. I try to tap into a force that patiently waits for me and empathetically receives my place in my world. We are all born with inner strength, but it can be elusive at times.


There are connections to external forces: nature, loved-ones, places, things, goals and even memories that remind me of the strength of the beauty that surrounds us. These are the things that shape my day-to-day world.


Strength defies titles, comparisons, life plans and status. It is a practice. To be alive is to be constantly evolving – this strength helps me deal with that change. It allows me to hear the good the bad and the ill-favoured – and not puff-up, or self combust (I also do this lot, I did say it was a practice!), but instead to learn from it and navigate through it.


Love gives strength self-acceptance and allows me to receive the love that tipped my not-so-rosy-world-upside-down and into full-glorious- future-yielding-bloom. It allows me to see more doors open than shut and gives me the instinct to know what serves me and what doesn’t. It’s a sub-conscience thing that colours my moments and daily routines. It is present when I manage to be. It stands me shoulder-to-shoulder with those I respect, admire and love.

There are no short cuts I am afraid (believe me I have tried). I am no expert, just a novice at this crazy thing called life. All I know is, self-acceptance opened a garden of opportunity for me – turning over parched superficial topsoil, to reveal its potential. An open discourse with yourself and your surrounding environment is what is needed. It is a kindness and an understanding

To me that is what Maya Angelou is heralding in her masterpiece of a poem:

I urge everybody on this International Women’s Day, to read this poem.

Big love y’all and as the Spice Girls said, ‘GIRL POWER’ XOXO

Laura Anne Moone

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