PHYSIO ADVICE: 5 Ways To Set Exercise And Lifestyle Resolutions

Setting Exercise and Lifestyle Resolutions and Goals

We all have our best intentions to get up, move more and feel better. We all have our own reasons to set out some new goals, perhaps to burn off a little bit of weight or to eat healthier, or maybe to manage our stress levels, or reduce screen time. The list goes on and we all have our own reasons to set exercise and lifestyle resolutions and goals.

As a Physiotherapist, exercise and lifestyle management is my speciality. We see people come into the clinic with new exercise goals they want to achieve.

Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and achieve your exercise goals this year:

1 Erase a ‘New Me, here I come!’ from your mind

We don’t need a new you. You are already good enough and you don’t need to be any better. Your resolutions are your own decision and not a measure of your success as a human being. So get that out of your head and take a little bit of that pressure off your shoulders.

2 Be clear on the WHY

Why you are undertaking a resolution is important. When the going gets tough, you need to be able to revert back in your head to that specifically clear reason. Your goal needs to be clear and concise and may require some reflection. You may take up running to be healthier. That doesn’t carry much weight behind it nor will it inspire you when you are feeling tired! Go deeper on your goal setting. For example, the reason why I am taking up running is that I feel out of shape and running is a good way for me to blow off steam after work, so allowing me to feel better about myself, sleep better and be better able to manage my stress and mental health. Write it out and reflect on the why when you need to.

3 Resolutions need to be realistic

Set your goals within an achievable range. Your goal must be within your reach. Setting a resolution for yourself that is beyond your capabilities will just tire you out and leave you feeling deflated. Setting short term goals and long term goals can help. For example at 2 months I want to be able to run 5km and at 3 months I want to run 7km. In this way, the pathway to success is a lot clearer, instead of just committing to going out running aimlessly twice a week. Challenge yourself, be ambitious, but be realistic too.

4 Pick something you enjoy!

Don’t pick something that is a chore or that you really detest. Whatever you decide to do, you cannot dread doing it or resent the thought of it! Pick something that you can stick with and that suits you. Often people will attach themselves to the latest fad, or do what their friends are doing. You must be in control and decide for you and you only.

5 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Of course, you are going to have questions and uncertainties doing something new. Reach out to a professional about how best to progress your physical activity and avoid injury in the process. Sometimes our muscles and tendons get a shock when we expose them to new movements and activities, and pain and inflammation can arise. This can happen and needs to be managed properly in order for it to not get in the way of achieving your goals. Seek advice and keep working towards where you want to be. If you would like to talk to myself or one of our Physios about your exercise resolutions or aspirations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange an assessment or a video call. We offer the best advice on the matter and enjoy seeing our friends in the Platinum tribe achieve their goals.

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