7 Key Takeaway Points From Our Run With Ease Workshop

What an amazing running event at our Clonskeagh studio!

Our Sold-out RUN WITH EASE workshop was such a success. We packed out our Clonskeagh studio on a Sunday afternoon with running enthusiasts.

In case you missed it or need a refresh on some of the pointers from the day, from our Co-founder, Milena Jaksic or our Lead Physiotherapist, Ben Doyle, here are a few key things to remember for your next run.


    • Allow your body to rest in the tapering period with plenty of good quality sleep and short runs. Your body has generally fatigued by the time we begin to taper.
    • Do not change your trainers close to a running event and make sure if opting for a new type of running shoe throughout the year make sure that the heel-to-toe drop and stability are similar to the running shoe you have been using up to that point. Follow the simple rule, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’
    • Do not waste hours on foam rolling and stretching. Stretch of it feels good and foam roll if it is part of your routine. Evidence has shown that the effects of foam rolling are short-lived but can soften the tissue minimally before activity. If it feels good and it’s part of your routine, do it.
    • Occasionally, leave the watch at home. Trailblazers and elite athletes have managed for years without the need for constant feedback from technology. Sometimes, it’s nice to get out and enjoy running without measuring every step we take and kilometre we complete.
    • Conditioning the feet, the feet are your equipment! It’s really important to make sure you pay attention to your feet in terms of stretching, mobility exercises, rolling a foot on a soft ball.
    • Be as relaxed as possible. Tension is the enemy of the body, the more relaxed you can allow your body to be, the more efficient you can be when you run. You conserve necessary energy when you are more relaxed. Allow a certain amount of movement to happen instead of holding everything.
    • Be as bouncy as you can be. Think about a child; they bounce around and never run out of energy. That’s known as the elastic recoil system; the body is recycling its own energy – the more bounce you can add into your training plan – like skipping, hopscotch, single-leg exercises and jumping exercises, the better. 


Our follow-on event is happening on November 10th at our Clonskeagh Studio, tickets are for sale now on Eventbrite. Save your place HERE.

You don’t need to have come to the first event as we’ll refresh the basics before we begin.

Hope to see you there!