PHYSIO ADVICE: Exercise For Your Lungs

Exercise for your lungs.

Did you ever think that physical activity, running or cycling could improve the quality of your lungs and respiratory system? During exercise. 2 of your most important organs are in action: lungs and the heart. The lungs bring oxygen into the body, providing energy, and removing carbon dioxide from your system, whilst the heart then pumps that new oxygen to the muscles being exercised. As your physical fitness improves your body becomes more efficient at getting oxygen around the bloodstream and transporting it to the working muscles.

So what are the benefits?

  • Exercise begins to promote smoother blood flow and O2 delivery, the body can then function at a higher level
  • Means that daily movement such as walking the stairs or vacuuming the floor can be done with less effort.


Some things to keep in mind!

  • Always speak to your GP before starting or modifying an exercise routine, this is more important if you have an underlying health condition.
  • See if you can avoid exercising when the pollution levels are at the highest, for example at peak traffic times.


You can also exercise the muscles that aid in breathing from the comfort of your home or with activities such as Pilates, Breathing exercises help strengthen your diaphragm to allow your body to breath deeper and more effectively. In Pilates, there are exercises which allow us to open the ribs and segments of the spine which can reduce the pressure on the torso and also stretch our breathing muscles between the ribs ( intercostals ) and obliques in the abdomen.


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