PHYSIO ADVICE: Your Heart Loves To Run

Your heart loves to run… the benefits of running for your body

It also improves our well- being and makes us feel free, plus it actually “works” better than any form of medication or therapy. Your heart especially loves running as there are so many benefits from it. When we exert ourselves, little tears form in muscles and are repaired during periods of rest, leading to the muscles coming back stronger than before. This also happens to our heart as our heart is a muscle!!!

The strongest muscle in your body is your heart muscle and endurance sports such as running are extremely effective when it comes to strengthening the heart.



Benefits for the most vital organ in the body include:

  • Resting heart rate + heart rate under strain are lowered by regular running training
  • The maximum amount of oxygen you can take in is increased ( meaning your muscle activity will last longer during about of exercise)
  • Improved efficiency at doing cardio work
  • A stronger heart leads to lower strain on the heart both during rest period and under-activity


Benefits of running can also be seen in your blood.

  • Blood fat level drops whilst the good cholesterol (HDL ) rises
  • Regular running reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (plaque building in arteries) increased heart rate send blood at a quicker pace through the arteries clearing them!
  • Reduced production of stress hormones (adrenalin & cortisol). Great stress reliever + added emotional benefits.
  • Improves your blood circulation throughout the body
  • Increases the amount of blood you have in your body by increasing the amount of red blood cells you have!

So many tremendous benefits to running and it can be a fun and rewarding activity for everyone. Not only are you reaching incredible goals each week, coming up to the KBC marathon but also improving the health of your cardiovascular system.


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