Welcome to the Team Emma Fitzmaurice.

Leaving the sunny shores of  Spain (via London), Emma joins our Team here at Platinum Pilates.

The newest addition to our Physiotherapy Team, Emma is also a qualified Reformer Pilates Teacher.

Emma qualified with a First-Class Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy.  Her career has been flooded with experiences. Emma worked for Alison Rose (Kelly Holmes’ physiotherapist): teaching Pilates to Jessica Ennis (Gold winning heptathlon athlete), the Brownlee brother’s (Olympic triathletes). She has also providing private physiotherapy treatment to track and field, LTA tennis, diving and rugby athletes.

Emma worked with the British Olympic program funded springboard and high-board divers; poolside treating and on training camps for injury screening.

Emma was an international lottery funded 3-meter springboard diver. She travelled the world competing and training in Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Canada & much of Europe. This opened her eyes very early on to many styles of movement, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and of course Pilates. Emma started practicing Pilates at 15 years old. She then began her trainer education in 2005.

Emma has studied with and worked alongside many fantastic practitioners and has absorbed a plethora of skills. After 5 years of working in London, Emma joins us  in Dublin.

Experience and Expertise. 

In London, Emma not only solidified her hands on orthopaedic physiotherapy skills but accelerated her knowledge in treating chronic pain. So many of the population have debilitating pain, fear and avoidance of many everyday tasks, movements and positions; like avoiding lifting/bending of the spine and activities that they once loved, that one way or another after injury they haven’t returned to.

Emma’s motivation is to help people to trust their bodies. Emma wants to enable them to improve their movement, understand their pain and be able to enjoy their bodies. She uses her exemplary hands-on soft tissue and joint techniques to calm the tissues, the nervous system and re-educate the whole person, body and mind to a calmer state of being.

In your physiotherapy session expect time to discuss the history of your injury, a holistic assessment of your body and a mixture of hands-on treatment coupled with a cognitive movement approach to Pilates using some of the extensive equipment at Platinum and some food for thought to go home with.

You can read more about Emma here.