Ahead of this year’s WellFest, Milena looks back at Platinum’s early beginnings

Milena Byrne spoke with WellFest ahead of this year’s event

I’m delighted to be hosting the Pilates & Barre section at WellFest this year.

Milena Byrne at WellFestI’ve worked in the Health & Wellness industry for the last 17 years and have been using Pilates with my clients for 15 years. In 2010, along with my husband Will, we opened the first boutique Reformer Pilates Studio in Ireland called Platinum Pilates.

At that time Pilates was not too well known in Ireland but over the last few years with the power of social media and a flock of celebrities as avid supporters of the Pilates Method has become one of the most popular workouts of all time.

We now have 4 studios in South Dublin with another one on the way in Greystones and another 2 planned for opening in 2017.

milena pilates on holidaysHaving seen for over 15 years the profound effect that Pilates can have on peoples lives, I am a believer.

There is not a person in the world that can’t benefit from Pilates from old to young, men, women, athletes professional or amateur – there are no exceptions.

Pilates has the power to heal the body from the stress & strain of modern lifestyle. It has the ability to be able to calm the neuromuscular system, strengthen the immune system and from that foundation build a whole new body.

As a Pilates Therapist, to be able to use the tools I have to create such wellness within People is the reason I get up in the morning, my fundamental goal is to do good for my clients and for the clients that come to my studios.

The team of teachers I choose to work with are like minded and on a very basic level our goal for Platinum Clients to feel better on the way out than they came on the way in.

This year we will be hosting a full schedule of Reformer Classes on Saturday and Mat Classes & Barre Classes on Sunday at the event in Herbert Park.

I was honored last year to be invited as an individual to present at such an amazing concept and was blown away by the success of the event. So this year we wanted to bring a little more magic to the Park by bringing our whole team along as well as the magic of Platinum Pilates.

Pilates at WellFest

Platinum Pilates at WellFest

This year at WellFest Platinum Pilates will be creating an amazing outdoor Reformer Pilates Studio with over 30 Reformers and classes all weekend from some of Ireland’s most talented Pilates Teachers.

Join us on on September 17th & 18th – we will be teaching the lovely Wellfesters some of Milena’s techniques to help you to perform so of the more advanced Pilates repertoire. We also believe in less is more and will have some really cool tricks up our sleeves to get Wellfesters looking feeling great.