Interview With A Platinum Pilates Teacher – Victoria Maughan

Next up in our teacher highlight is Victoria Maughan

We caught up with Victoria to find out what inspired her to become a Platinum Pilates Teacher, and how it gives her the perfect work-life balance.

What made you want to become a Platinum Pilates Teacher?

After being a client of Platinum’s for close to 4 years I decided that why not try to turn what became an obsession into a career… And I’m delighted I did!Victoria Maughan Teaching Pilates

What do you love most about teaching at Platinum Pilates?

For me it’s seeing others become passionate about the reformer. When you see a brand new client coming back quickly and frequently, you know they’ve caught the bug. I love then seeing that client progress from a level 1 up to level 2 where all the good stuff happens.

What can clients expect from coming to your classes?

I like to work hard when I’m participating in a class so when teaching you can expect a decent work out. But also love to see when a client drastically improves their flexibility & movement… The sense of achievement in their faces is brilliant to see.

What’s on your playlist & what music motivates you in class?

All sorts!! From dance music to complete cheese – depends on my mood. But one thing is for sure music has the ability so make me work out with more intensity so something with a decent beat for sure.

Whats a typical day like for you?

Mayhem! Same as all parents out there. My day usually starts at 5.45… The usual craziness to get kids out the door to school and once that’s done I generally head straight for a coffee (a must!) before heading to one of the Platinum studios. I’m either teaching or participating in a class. Then once the afternoon kicks in its kiddy craziness with all their activities til bedtime!

Wheres you fav place to buy Pilates gear?

Nike.Com Pilates PantsWhere do I start??! As I’m rarely wearing anything else I tend to invest. But I’m a Nike gal at heart so generally online in Nike store.

What do you do to relax?

Love to eat out in restaurants so try and get to one at some stage over the weekend… The combination of good food and friends is ideal!

What advice have you got for someone thinking about starting Pilates

Go for it… Pilates is something that can be done well into the later stages of life… will I be running, cross fitting , rebounding when I’m 70?! Seriously doubt it but I know for sure I’ll still be giving the teasers a shot on a reformer!