Let Pilates Lead You To Better Health Wellness & Happiness …

We have worked in wellness industry for 20 years and we have seen it all. Diets, detoxes, body wraps and exercise fads.

Before social media & filtered lifestyles dominated the scene, fitness & wellness was something to be felt & not seen.

Technology has pulled us into a new stratosphere when it comes to managing physical and emotional wellness.

Having developed our scope of practice from Pilates into Physiotherapy and Franklin Method, we can say confidently that we are feeling healthier & happier than ever before and our clients are benefiting from the change too.

Health & Fitness is about being the best version of yourself not a consumer comparison to an Instagram profile.

By incorporating a few basic principals into your daily routine you can start to feel better on the inside without even leaving your house.

When you take class at Platinum, our teachers will guide you through a workout, but what you are getting is much more than a killer set of abs

  • Breathing – When you spend an hour focusing on your breath pattern – your entire nervous system calms down … This helps to reduce stress, improve your cardiovascular function, reduce blood pressure & release tension.
  • Moving Your Joints – Your flexibility doesn’t improve by just stretching your muscles. In fact for many people over stretching is part of their problem. No, our expert teaching team understand that in order to improve your flexibility we have to get your joints moving in a way that works with your body.  Mobility exercise is our focus at Platinum and we teach you sequences that you can take onto the golf course, the rugby pitch, the park or even on your bike.
  • Taking Time Out – There are endless apps available to teach you about switching off, clearing your mind and taking time out, but we find the only way to refresh your mind is to take time out in a screen free environment for an hour.  This invaluable time will teach you to  use your mind to manage your movement & your mood.


We are really working with the power of the mindbody connection and Healthy & Movement For Sustainable Health.

Platinum Pilates is designed to empower you to feel the very best version of yourself.