Why Make Pilates Part Of your Life

At Platinum we love Pilates for so many reasons…

Pilates offers an incredible total body workout – it helps to reduce stress, it strengthens your core and it puts you into a really good mood. But there’s another reason we are so taken by this incredible exercise technique – It doubles up as a rehab tool for so many injuries & dysfunctions.

Over the last few years Pilates has over taken many other therapies & techniques as a program to aid recovery from injury or to ease the symtoms of musculoskeletal disease.

Pilates was developed originally as physical conditioning program for injured soldiers & dancers. Given the incredible results – work quickly spread like wildfire and Pilates found it’s way into the mainstream fitness industry.

Why Pilates Works…

The whole system is accounted for in a Pilates Class.  First and foremost the Neuromuscular System is calmed down with a gentle warm up during which time a  focus on breathing helps to reduce the stress hormones.  The class then integrates the muscular system by focusing on posture during each movement.  The idea is that we retrain the different neural pathways in a way that the body responds well to.  The class also helps clients to learn about their own bodies moving in space.  This element of class is one of the factors that helps with rehabilitation.

Pilates increases body awareness in space and therefore teaches a client what their body is capable of. This skill helps clients to retrain themselves into correct  form and utilize the whole body correctly when doing this or any other exercise. If they can master this, then they can progress to more advanced exercises.

So, where does Pilates fit into my routine …

Everybody will greatly benefit from Pilates.  Whether you are a pro athlete, a complete beginner or somewhere in between – Pilates offers attributes that you cant get from many other workouts.  Pilates is hugely complimentary to Running, Bootcamp, Cross Fit, Triathlon, Rugby, Golf & most other sports.

In order to workout  or perform at top level you need a certain level of core strength, flexibility, joint mobility and a level of suppleness that will allow easy, pain free movement.  Pilates when practiced regularly, will give you all of these things.

If I take a Pilates class twice a week, I can expect …

  • Increased overall flexibility but specifically in the Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Lower Back & Neck Muscles.
  • Increased Core strength
  • Improved Hip & Shoulder Mobility
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Improved Breathing Patters
  • Improved Mood
  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Improved Posture.
  • Milena taking a reformer class

So you can see why Pilates is the fastest growing exercise class in the health & leisure industry.  If its been a while since youve been to class or you have yet to take the Pilates plunge … Nows a great time to make Pilates part of your life –

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