New beginnings with Platinum – an interview with Katy

Christine chatted with Katy recently – new Mum and recent Pilates convert!

Hi Katy, thanks so much for this interview! So, you’ve been a really dedicated Platinum Pilates fan over the past few months, what brought you to Platinum in the first place, tell us a bit about pre-Pilates you.

Hello! After a lovely active pregnancy, I had my daughter Kitty in March 2016 by emergency C-Section. What followed was a blissful period of taking things nice and slow in the post-partum ‘fourth trimester’.

Interview with Katy

However, my posture and core strength really suffered. Obviously, the surgery affected by lower abdominal muscles but I also really struggled with neck, back and shoulders.

What have you noticed most since you’ve started your Pilates journey, when did you first start?

I only made my return to fitness in January of this year. Last summer I went back to the gym in the hope of building up some strength on the cross trainer. But I just seemed to tighten myself up more! The day after Kitty was born my lovely midwife recommended starting pilates and it stuck with me. In December a post popped up on my instagram feed about the Greystones studio and I thought I would give it a go in the new year.

​You’ve been coming almost 5-6 times a week, how have you sustained such a huge amount of classes? What’s been your strategy and which classes have you been attending and have you been doing anything outside of Platinum?​

I am just hooked! I started taking 2 barre classes and a private pilates class with Maire once a week. After a course of six private classes I felt strong enough to join group reformer classes – although I am reluctant to let go of my private sessions too! I am now taking 2/3 classes of both barre and reformer each week. I love that each instructor has their own unique style, this variety and challenge keeps me interested.

Outside of Platinum, you will find me, baby and buggy hitting the pavements of Greystones!

Being a Mom, how do you find the time to get to class?

The evening schedule in the Greystones studio is both full and varied, so I can nip out when my husband is home in the evening. It is very important for me to make the time to come to class. I had such first class care during my pregnancy, labour and delivery and it is important that I build on that to make the best post surgery recovery.

From day one to now, it’s really clear from the way you move that you’ve developed a lot of personal body awareness, how would you suggest to someone starting out with Pilates how they could develop that same kind of awareness?

I really feel like I benefitted so much from my initial movement assessment and course of six private sessions. These sessions with Maire have really helped me improve my posture, day to day movement and have given me great confidence in group reformer classes.

Additionally, when I started I approached each instructor at my first class with them and let them know where I was coming from, specifically returning to fitness after a C-Section. Everyone has been so supportive and taken a genuine interest in my progression. Even in the context of larger group classes I feel that the instructor always has an eye out for me and knows how far I can push myself.

Where to from here? What are your ongoing goals?

Initially, my goal was to feel more comfortable and rather embarrassingly to complete a roll up unaided! Thanks to all your help I am moving on! For now, my goal is to keep going with a mix of barre and reformer classes and to progress onto a strong level 2 and (some) athletic conditioning.

If we had a suggestion box, what would you suggest to us?

Oh my goodness, just keep doing what you are doing and I hope to see more and more classes to the schedule! The Greystones team is wonderful offering a variety of classes with wonderful knowledgeable and supportive instructors.