Pilates and Me – Sophie’s Love Story.

Continuing our “What Pilates Means To Me Series” we hear from Sophie.

Was this going to be a match made in heaven or a match made in hell?

Pilates means a lot to me, but just like any great rom-com, we didn’t see eye to eye at the start. Think Catherin Heigl and Gerard Butler in the Ugly Truth, Off to a bad start and destined to end up together.

Off to a bad start. 

The first time I tried Pilates, I really did not enjoy it. Coming from a freer yoga practice background, although keep in mind most of my practice came from YouTube tutorials and classes, where there was no one there to really correct me, I found it a little soul destroying. I was constantly being adjusted and corrected in positions. I spent the whole time thinking ” This was my hour for me, I don’t care where my tailbone is”. After that I went out of my way to avoid Pilates!

When I eventually went on to train as a yoga teacher, I learned so much more about the practice There were parts that I fell madly and deeply in love with and like everything, there were also parts I could not connect with. While I love a slow, steady practice, I find complete stillness really difficult. It’s like when you date a guy and after a few months (or in yoga’s case, years!) you realise he doesn’t like sauces and only eats plain pizza. It’s not a deal breaker but not marriage material either.

What I did learn from yoga is that when you are being correct and adjusted, it’s for your own good. The instructor is helping you get the most from the movement. They’re not trying to demotivate you and point out you are doing it wrong, it’s all a helping hand.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

A while later, a friend convinced me to try Pilates again. Like a true Hollywood love story, everyone deserves a second chance. This time I found comfort in being corrected and adjusted. I felt the teacher really noticed me, paid me attention and cared about what I was doing. This allowed me to learn more about my own body and about my own practice. I found I could get more out of my yoga practice and use the cues I had picked up from my Pilates teacher to ensure I was more aware of my movements.

Since discovering the “pubic bone to nose connection”, I’ve longed to know more. I was hungry for more. I took the decision to train with Platinum Pilates as a teacher. Once in, my passion from movement was like that elevator scene with Catherine and Gerard, only the PG version! The more I learn, the more I want to know. The more classes I take, the more I want to learn about my own body. It is so scary to think how little we know of bodies, even for someone who considered themselves body aware.

Yes, the Journey has been bumpy, but what love story doesn’t have a few twist and turns. Pilates has opened me up to a new world and has had a positive effect on all aspects of my life.