Pilates and Me, Teresa’s Story.

My Journey into Pilates started like most people, with an injury.

Not the perfect way to start right? But it started me on a path to something amazing.

I’ve always been interested in movement and I used to do a lot of Contemporary Dance. I was living in London at the time and while turning and jumping around, I made a sudden change of direction not to collide with another “flying swan” in one class. I heard a snap. Turns out I tore my anterior cruciate ligament. This resulted in me having reconstruction surgery.


My teachers and physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a rehabilitation tool. I was a bit sceptical to begin with (I’m not easily convinced some people call it being stubborn – I’m a Taurus) but after giving it some thought and research, I decided to join a group mat class run by one of my dancer friends. To my amazement I experienced a huge improvement on my knee mobility. Soon enough, I was dancing and jumping around doing what I loved the most. I left Pilates behind for a while not then realising that it’s not only a post rehab but also a pre rehab tool as it helps with injury prevention.

Continuing The Journey.

While in Dublin, I started taking dance classes for a while until I had my children. Then everything came to a halt!
Pilates has always reminded me of dance – the fluidity of movement, the rhythm – and the focus on the body. As I was missing movement so much, I decided to join a Pilates class during my lunch time. Without noticing, what started as one class a week became three times a week. I was obsessed! I was hooked!

What was a rehabilitation tool in the beginning, became part of my life. I was fascinated by the mechanics of it and I always wanted to learn more. I was working in a 9-to-5 job that I didn’t really love and I knew I loved Pilates. So I started training and started teaching. The journey wasn’t easy and to be honest, there were times when I wanted to give it all up! As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. And finally patience and perseverance paid-off as I was able to take the leap when I was offered training and my dream job at Platinum Pilates. I haven’t looked back!

Pilates & Me. 

For me Pilates means wellbeing – not just physically but also mentally. Pilates keeps me flexible and mobile. I’m not a spring chicken and I notice how Pilates helps me with those joint niggles. It also keeps me sane and calm. As soon as I hit the Reformer I completely switch off from all the daily tasks. It helps to clear my mind. I also feel I am more grounded. Knowing my limits, my imperfections and imbalances, which I have learnt to accept. I also love the challenge Pilates brings. No matter what level you are at, I always find something new to focus on.

I love seeing how Pilates changes people. I love hearing clients saying how good they feel, how it has helped to relieve pain, how much more mobile and flexible they are and how it has helped them to improve their sport performance. I can’t tell you how much hearing all these real stories inspire me!

I truly believe everyone should make Pilates a part of your routine. At least give it a go but please be patient and have consistency and you will start seeing results. See you at the Reformer!