Pilates – The Modern Day Pill Making Life A Little Easier ….

The day to day routine of working life can leave us feeling wiped, underwhelmed & a little down in the dumps …

Not To Worry – Pilates Has Your Back And Here’s Why?

It improves even the foulest moods

No matter how bad you feel – An hour of Pilates will make you feel like a new person.  There is something therapeutic about an hour of breathing, moving your body, focusing on yourself and letting your mind calm down.  No matter what kind of shocking mood you are in – You will leave the Pilates Studio, a happier person …


Stretching Makes You Feel Good All Over

The body does not really know if you are doing Pilates or Yoga, Running or Cross Fit – All the body knows is that movement is like medicine.  It creates a cocktail of incredible physiological changes which improve the health of the tissue which is really where your health lives.  When you stretch your body – your entire neuromuscular system gets a little upgrade – just like a software upgrade on your mobile phone – you function better.

Working Out In A Group Makes It Fun, Sociable & Enjoyable 

Even if you do not know the people in class with you – when you work out with a group, you are far more likely to work harder, enjoy the workout more & even better – be more inclined to go back again.  Its true – studies have shown that people that attend group classes adhere to exercise 70% more than those that fly it solo.


You feel physically stronger & more mobile after just one class

When you walk out of the Pilates Studio – you always feel stronger than you did when you walked in.  Tried and tested – An hour of Pilates, where you get a total body workout and your spine & pelvis are mobilised will leave you feeling free of tension, more flexible and ready to take on any physical challenge that comes your way.  Our clients often describe how they run much easier after taking Pilates with us.  Its movement that heals & nourishes the body – rather than movement that beasts the body.


You wont feel sore for days after so you can go as often as you like

When you ramp up your exercise routine in January the worst part can often be the aches and pains of getting back into it.  Thankfully we do not get to get that same intense pain from Pilates but we do get the light hum of muscle ache that lets us know we moved every part just the right amount.

Movement Is Like Meditation – Only Better 

And the best part of Pilates is that it feels like meditation with the additional benefits of moving.  We do not need you to empty your mind when you come to class – we know that’s the hardest part of meditation.  All we need you to do to listen to your body.  That little bit of focus will help clear your mind of the mental chatter and will allow your nervous system to calm down and reap the benefits.