Pilates – The Best Kept Anti-Ageing Secret

Whether you do Pilates as your mainstream workout or to supplement  other activities, exciting news for everyone is that a new study shows that regular exercise slows down the signs of ageing.

A very recent study from The American Physiology Society  has shown that the muscles of older men and women who have exercised for decades are extremely distinguishable in many ways from those of healthy 25-year-olds, according to the study.

These men and women also had much higher aerobic capacities than most people their age, the study showed, making them biologically about 30 years younger than their chronological ages, the study’s authors concluded.

Our favourite Joseph Pilates quote -“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” ~ Joseph H. Pilates.

He was way ahead of his time and when people that take up Pilates, the most comment response is they  love how it makes them feel.  Full of energy, free in their body and strong in the middle.

And now that researchers have put pen to paper to prove that exercise can slow down the ageing process, we have an incredible reason so stay motivated all year long.

Pilates Improves Flexibility – Flexibility is not just gained through stretching muscles, in fact sometimes continuous stretching can have the opposite effect and make muscles feel tighter.  Using Reformer Pilates to carefully create a movement sequence that works the joints, muscles and bones all together is going to give you a much enhanced level of flexibility.

Pilates Reduces Mental Stress & Fatigue – The continuous focus on breathing in class has a dramatic effect on health by calming down the neuromuscular system.  Breathing properly can also super charge your core strength.  Your diaphragm and core muscles work in tandem so when you improve your breathing, you improve your dynamic core strength too.

Pilates Improves Your Strength – Don’t be fooled into thinking that Pilates is a gentle workout.  Reformer Pilates can be a seriously challenging class because the movement is so specific, controlled and precise.  Just ask the Leinster Rugby Team, who often use Reformer Pilates to enhance preseason conditioning.

Pilates Makes You Happy – But the biggest benefit Pilates brings to your life is that it can really improve your mood and your outlook.  Whether it is all that juicy spine movement, an hour of head space or just being in the incredible environment of the studios, Pilates leaves you feeling better on the way out than on the way in and that’s a winner for us every time.


Why not kick off your health with our 21 Day Pilates Challenge this Christmas.  Starting December 1st – we are aiming to take 21 classes on the run up the Christmas.

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Keep you body moving and let Pilates take your health to a new level.