Sophie’s Top 5 Reasons For Privates Pilates.

With Summer just around the corner, now is the time to be ramping up your workouts.

Rather than furiously searching the internet for a quick fix and come up a cropper. Reformer Pilates is what you need.

One thing that always helps shape that summer body is Reformer Pilates. An all over body workout with a list of benefits, this is all you need to get those summer six packs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to Reformer or looking to up your intensity, a course of private Pilates is ideal to help you. Below are my top 5 reasons for you to choose a course of private Pilates.

It’s Less Intimidating.

Let’s be honest, it can be pretty scary starting something new, especially if you go on instagram and search Reformer Pilates. You come face to face with picture after picture of people looking like a Cirque De Soleil line up. That’s enough to have you running for the hills. Your first session with us is not like that at all. I’ll meet you in the studio and take you through the Reformer set up and ease you in.

Personalised To Your Body!

Group classes are amazing and everyone can benefit from them BUT there are times, whether it be due to injury or due to the dreaded and quickly approaching bikini season, that you may need or want to work on specific areas more so then others. With private Pilates you will discuss with your instructor what you hope to achieve from your sessions and just like a fairy godmother, your wish is my command! This is you session, so it’s your workout.

No Slacking!

Most of my clients that have tried both group and private Pilates say that they feel they have to work harder in a one on one session because there’s no one to hide behind. Not that we don’t see you taking that sneaky break in group and of course breaks are always allowed and welcomed when needed. In a one on one class you’re more likely to work to your max limit rather then take that break because Sharon beside you has decided to opt out of planking so you feel you should comfort her by doing the same.


We work around your schedule. As this is your session you are in charge. You pick the time and location and I show up. From early mornings to late at night, we can find a time that suits you best. This will ensure you don’t miss out on training.

Learn New Tricks.

Private sessions allow you to get more out of your group classes. It can be a bit scary in a group class to ask questions like,  Why is my neck sore? Why aren’t my abs engaging? Where should my leg be?  It can be even scarier when the instructor comes over and spends a bit of time explaining the reason why. Don’t worry, we love to be asked questions and help as best we can in group classes. In a private session you have a lot more time to figure out what works for your body and once we find the remedy/recipe you go back in to group class feeling like the Reformer rockstar you truly are! Privates are a great way to pick up tips and tricks to improve your Pilates experience.