Sophie’s Top Toned Bum Exercises.

Clients have been asking me recently what the best way is to get a toned tush for summer.

There are loads of ways to achieve it on the Reformer so here are my top 3 tush toner exercises!

Strong glutes also help prevent injury and work as a support system to our lower back.  And lets keep it real, who doesn’t love a nice toned buttocks ? Especially come bikini season!

Join me in class and we will build those booty’s together!

1. Side lying leg circles.

Get nice and comfy with the sissel ball between your shoulder posts, pop that top leg into the long strap in front. Any of my regular clients reading this are sure to have a tear trickling down their cheek reminiscing on the ghosts of DOMS past “ah yes, this one”. Foot stays parallel to the floor so the top hip doesn’t externally rotate. We’re going forward and backward until we find end range and we pulse! After those pulses, we circle. Both directions obviously. This can be done at home with out the strap on the foot using just your body weight making sure hips stay stacked one on top of each other and spine stays in a neutral position and isn’t rounding as the leg comes in front.

2. Lunging 

You can’t beat a classic! Lunges are one of my all time favourites! Not only do they work on the booty, they also take in pretty much the rest of the legs muscles too. They are back friendly as you have to keep you chest lifted and back straight so zero risk of back strain. What I also love about lunges is the amount of variations we can do on the reformer. By changing the spring selection or foot position you can move the emphasis on what muscles we are working. By going lower in the scooter or adding weights, it will guarantee you are feeling the burning and struggling to manage the stairs the next day. It’s a fully inclusive, lower limb, leg extravaganza. Lunges can also be done at home without equipment but you won’t build the same intensity as you would against the resistance of the reformer.


3. Skater Squat 

Hands up who loves squats. Everyone loves squats! My favourite variations is this skater squat. I throw into the mix after I have done a million squats! Starting with one foot on the foot plate and one foot on carriage facing side ways, get nice and deep into a squat and lengthen carriage leg away really stabilizing into the foot plate leg . Usually I mix this up keeping the carriage leg steady and lengthening in and out with foot plate leg keeping carriage leg still and sitting nice and low. Like Lunges there are a rake of variations on this and you are sure to feel it. This skate squat isn’t something you can really do at home, but you can throw in some regular, run of the mill squats!


So that’s my top 3 tush toning exercises! Come along to my class to try them out, or give them a shot at home! Let me know how you get on!