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How To Prepare Your Body for the Mini Marathon

Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Beyonce’s ‘who run the world girls’ springs to mind as the soundtrack for the Women’s Mini Marathon. This event is a fabulous opportunity for women of all ages to experience the sense of achievement that comes with crossing the finish line at the end of a race. Lots of women have…
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Returning To Running – Part 3 Essential Support.

Before you get back to running you need to think about your sportswear and how this can support you in all the right places!
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Returning To Running Part 2 – Tasks and Exercises.

Mary Kate runs through some essential tasks and exercises you should carry out before your first run. 
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Returning To Running Post Pregnancy.

"When is it safe to return to running after having a baby?"
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Liam Curran

Platinum Physiotherapy Welcomes Liam Curran.

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the Platinum Physiotherapy Team, Liam Curran. Liam brings a wealth of experience through his many years working in private practice, his extensive continuous professional development and his own experience dealing with complex injuries whilst playing rugby at an elite level. Liam’s journey has taken him all…
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Ergonomics! A Money-Making Exercise Or A Real Investment For Your Business?

Ben takes a look at the importance of movement in the work place and the relevant lack of evidence to support ergonomics.   
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Cramping; Why it happens & How we can avoid it.

We have all experienced the dreaded muscle cramp. That unexpected shooting pain that can wake us during our sleep,  stops us in our tracks during footwork in a class
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Hip Impingement & Labral Tears; Fad Or New Epidemic?

In the build up to the King of Greystones Triathlon this weekend, Ben our Clinical Director here in Platinum Physio discusses the epidemic of hip pain and dysfunction
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Platinum Physiotherapy; What is the pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor are a group of muscles and ligaments in your pelvic region that act as a sling to support your organs in your pelvis.
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The importance of stretching

Platinum Physiotherapy Pelvic Floor Workshop.

Mary-Kate Ryan is a specialised women’s health physiotherapist with years of experience treating pelvic floor dysfunction.
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Niggling Knee Pain? Platinum Physio Has The Answers.

Often with patients who present with these types of symptoms the solution is relatively easy but does require persistence and hard work. Here are our five top tips to help resole your symptoms and most importantly, to give you a chance of completing your next racing event without seriously injuring your knee.
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Welcome To The Physiotherapy Team, John Fagan.

Our ever expanding Physio Team welcomes our very own John Fagan to the Team. 
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