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How do I get my life back on track as a breast cancer survivor?

Management of patient's post breast cancer surgery is improving thanks to initiatives such as the Platinum Pink Ribbon Program. Ben Doyle explains how the Program can help.
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What can patients who face a long time on the Orthopaedic waiting lists do to maintain strength before their surgery?

The benefits of pre-habilitation exercises extend to those awaiting orthopaedic surgery or intervention of some kind.
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How Pilates heals the body

How Pilates heals the body by calming down the neuromuscular system

We all experience a stressed neuromuscular system on a daily basis, Ben takes a look at how Pilates can help.
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Dublin marathon countdown – how to avoid overloading injuries

With only a few months to go before the big race, Ben takes a look at how to avoid tendinopathies in the run up...
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Is body awareness & proprioception fundamental to healthy movement?

Ben explains why proprioceptive training is imperative in both the sporting population and non-sporting population.
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Early Physio intervention is the key for Optimal Recovery following injury

In his latest blog piece, Ben looks at how early intervention can get you back exercising quicker.
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Is massage a necessity or a luxury?

Massage offers a range of benefits including injury prevention and reduced muscle soreness & joint stiffness
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Mini Marathon Recovery: Is Foam Rolling a fad or a necessity?

Ben Doyle, Chartered Physiotherapist at Platinum Physio, explains the use and benefits of the Foam Roller.
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Why prehab is so important for events like the mini-marathon

Preparation equals Prehab, the injury free solution to completing events such as the women’s mini Marathon.
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Is pain an output from the body or an input from the brain?

PlatinumPhysio's Ben Doyle discusses how the brain controls the amount of pain received in the body not the opposite way around.
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