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Circle of Care at Platinum Pilatess

We specialise in Hands On Treatment, Injury and Rehab  & Pre & Post Surgery Rehab.

We believe physiotherapy should always involve hands on assessment and treatment.

We will design a multi disciplinary rehabilitation program encompassing specialist in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and surgery when appropriate. We will also provide a direct referral pathway when necessary to industry leading specialist consultants and specialist Pilates instructors in a efficient and timely manner.

Circle of Care at Platinum Pilates

Our Physiotherapists are not only experts in their field but they are also movement therapy experts.  They understand the body & biomechanics and use a three dimensional approach to Rehab & Prehab.  They approach all treatments from a functional anatomy perspective.

Physiotherapy exercise
In-depth assessments

Treating Pain, Injury & Dysfunction

Our policy is that each client has up to three Physio intervention sessions to show improvement before being referred on to an appropriate consultant or rehab specialist.  

We provide an in depth Assessment to obtain an accurate diagnosis by a clinical specialist physiotherapist for each and every patient and to explain this diagnosis in a language the patient can understand.

Treatment at PlatinumPhysio
Getting to the root cause of injury

Sports Physiotherapy

Our assessment process is what sets us apart from many Physiotherapy Clinics - we use a range of assessment tools including biomechanical and functional analysis as well as a full objective & subjective screening.

We will not only deal with the symptoms but get to the root cause of your problems through a series of tests which are unique to PlatinumPhysio.

We specialise in sports injuries and our Rehab programs will ensure full recovery in a timely fashion.

Injury treatment at PlatinumPhysio
Hands on assessment

Pre & Post Surgery

Our Assessment and treatment revolves around our Patients. We aim to have each and every patient seen within 48 hours of initial contact.

Our Assessment and treatment will be second to none due to the level of expertise available. We promise to use manual treatment with exercise prescription as a means of home maintenance between sessions.

We are committed to using the most up to date treatments specifically designed for each and every patient.

Hands-on Treatment / Manual Therapy

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Soft Tissue Release
Dry Needling

Injury & Exercise rehabilitation

Sports injury management
Movement patterning
Sports specific Ex rehab
Muscle Stretching
Postural Adjustment & Education
Biomechanical Analysis & Adjustment
Functional Rehab

Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation

Direct Referral
Pre-natal & Postnatal
Lower Limb
Pre-Op Screening and Assessment
Spinal Surgery
Upper Limb
Paediatric Clinic
Medically Led Pilates Classes

Our Pricing

Consultation 45 mins -  €80
Follow up 30-40 mins - €70
Massage 45 mins - €70
Massage 1 hour - €90
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
1 hour - €100
Clinical Pilates 60 mins - €90
Clinical Pilates 45 mins - €80
Specialist women’s health assessment 60 mins - €100
Mummy MOT 60 mins - €100

Although we will endeavour to always be on time, Physiotherapy is a health care profession and due to unforeseen circumstances and complex patients our time may occasionally overrun.

Please be patient and be reassured that you will receive the full amount of time in your appointment if the previous appointment has overrun.

If there is an emergency with a previous patient and there is a severe delay you shall be notified before the appointment and your appointment will be rebooked at your earliest convenience.

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What Our
Clients Say

Jackie Tyrell

"I am delighted to highly recommend both Ben and PlatinumPhysio to friends and family as I know I can trust him to look after them no matter what the injury or dysfunction is".

Jackie Tyrell
Kilkenny Hurler
Daniel St Ledger
It's the personal touch and hands-on skills make Ben a stand out from other physiotherapists I have dealt with over the past 10 years of my inter-county career. His connections with top quality consultants and the speed of his referral pathways prove he is also very well thought of in the sports medicine.
Daniel St Ledger
Carlow senior Footballer
Eoin Larkin

“Ben has a been a huge help over the last few seasons in the management of my injuries. He constantly performs to a high level in both the clinic and on the pitch side. His hands-on work and exercise rehab are always perfectly reasoned for each injury".

Eoin Larkin
Kilkenny Hurler
Brendan Murphy

Ben is a really top quality Physio, his dedication and commitment to keeping me fit and ready for action is second to none. His hands on treatment and rehabilitation ideas are top class and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wants to play sports or improve any injury/pain.

Brendan Murphy
Carlow senior Footballer & Sydney Swans