With September firmly upon us we take a look back at our Summer of Pilates and give a shout out to the 300 Pilates superstars who took on our 28 day challenge.

Fair play to everyone and to all those who stayed in a routine during those awesome Summer Months.

I took a few minutes to chat with 3 of our Challenge finishers and found out what the 28 days meant to them.

Kim Moloney. 

I originally started platinum Pilates to help build up my core as a I have a lower back condition called ankylosing spondylitis. My flexibility and movement has improved so much since I started Platinum Pilates, that my Doctors tell me that I am showing no symptoms of the condition.

I signed up to the 28 day challenge as I am getting married in early September! This was  ideal to help me achieve my goal of  being nice and toned for the big day! I believe I’ve attended 22 of the 28 classes, not bad for a busy bride! I’ve found it amazing! It’s helped me to switch off from the long “to do” lists and relax tension I’ve been carrying in my body. Sure there were days when I wanted to make excuses and not go because I was so tired, but making myself go meant I slept a whole lot better! I attended 6 different teachers in 3 different studios. It was great to get a mix of styles and routines!

I definitely feel more toned and completely ready to put on the white dress!

Rachel Brennan. 

I started the 28 day challenge to really test my body. I have been doing reformer Pilates on and off for the last 2 years so when I heard about the challenge I wanted to see what 28 days of reformer would do for me and my body. Week 1, I was exhausted and achy. I found myself having to have naps but once week 2 came around, I felt my energy levels start to creep up. They have continued to rise ever since. I’m now like the freaking energizer bunny… not really but kinda.

I didn’t really know what to expect from doing 28 days of Reformer Pilates but I can tell you now I am far stronger than I thought I’d ever be, definitely leaner and have a calmer mind. I’m loving that I can now hold a Pilates position for longer. I could really hold a plank in a full plank position ……. I can now!  Just  seeing my strength improving each week was so motivating.

I will say there were some “meh” and “what the hell am I doing” days. Fatigue was one word I used a bit. I had a chat with one of the instructors and they said to mix in some level 1 classes to slow down the pace. This gave the body a little bit of a break …… it was the best advice. I’m kinda sad the month is over. If you asked me today would I do another 28 days I’d say yes. It was a fantastic month. Reformer Pilates will now play a huge part of my life going forward. I have really really loved it.

And on a final note, what I love about Platinum is their instructors. They are consistent in their classes, they are always watching everybody’s technique and not afraid to correct you. They’re so approachable and really want you to push yourself to the best of your capabilities but reminding you that this class is for you and always remember to listen to your body.

Sonya Teeling. 

I started the 28 day challenge as I needed a jump start back into working out that also caters to my injuries. After booking my whole month straight away I was ready for the challenge. I chose to do 5 reformer with 2 ballet barre class a week to mix it up. Week 2 was the toughest. I wasn’t as full of energy as week 1 but as I kept going I got that energy back. I had 4 instructors throughout the month. William, Damy, Gill and Laura-Ann, all fantastic instructors and I would highly recommend any of their classes.

Since finishing the challenge, I have improved energy levels, increased body tone and overall weight loss. I’m completely addicted! I will definitely be back!

Well done to all who took on and completed the Challenge. We hope you got everything from you you wanted.

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