With the countdown to Christmas … what are your top tip for clients to get them ready for party season?

My top tip as we are heading into the busy Christmas period is to try stay consistent with your Pilates practice, after all it is your hour to yourself, to take time out of your even busier schedule as you will feel more energised and balanced after each class. Think of it this way, the more classes you try squeeze in now, the more piece of mind you have over the festive days and coming back in the new year will be a breeze!

Alice Connaire stretching

For someone starting out into fitness would they be better waiting until January to get moving

There is never a better time then NOW! Imagine how much more motivated you will go into the new year having a few Reformer classes ticked off your list. You will feel great that you have started your Pilates journey and I promise that you will look forward to continuing in the New Year. In Joseph Pilates’s words , it only takes 10 Sessions to feel the difference, 20 to see the difference and 30 to have a whole new body!

Top tip to keep stress at bay over the holiday season

I shop online which saves me time to enjoy the festive season and dramatically reduces my stress levels.

Do you eat clean & healthy over Christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us

I will swap my Green Juices for some homemade chocolate treats like, dark chocolate cinnamon dusted almonds. I really enjoy trying out new Paleo Chocolate Recipes so we can all indulge a bit. I will be spending this festive season with my in-laws who all love wholesome nutritious foods and home cooking.

I will however miss my father’s legendary Christmas Fruit & Nut Salad this year, it has been a Christmas tradition in my family since I was born. He spends so much time putting all the ingredients together, even the nuts are freshly shelled and cut into carefully measured out pieces. I would not dare to try make it myself.

5. What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

A Fitbit Blaze.

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