What made you want to become a Platinum Pilates Teacher
The level of professionalism throughout the Platinum brand and the quality and standards of the studios are something that I had not seen in the fitness industry before. It’s a studio that I am very proud to work in.

Carol GrimesWhat do you love most about teaching at Platinum Pilates
I love being part of a team who push and challenge each other to be better everyday but who also work well with a true team spirit.

What can clients expect from coming to your classes?
I believe that a really good technique enables a really quality movement and helps to prevent injury so we focus on the little things that make each movement so much more challenging.

What’s on your playlist & what music motivates you in class?
It has to been some funky house music with a good beat that we can move to! At home its quite different with chilled out indie, acoustic style music, all the better if its Irish too!

carol grimes pregnancy pilatesWhat’s a typical day like for you?
With a young baby in the house its usually pretty busy. When I’m not in studio I’m doing normal family stuff or preparing class plans or trying to increase my pilates knowledge.

I try to get some form of exercise in each day, whether it be my own self practise, walking the dog or running, swimming or yoga. I try to get outdoors most days also.

Wheres you fav place to buy Pilates gear?
For me its really important to try items on before I buy to make sure the fit is good so I tend not to buy online.

My local sports shops offer a good range at reasonable prices that are good quality. I also try to incorporate some normal day to day items in my Pilates wardrobe so it’s easy to transition, I try to keep this in mind when shopping.

Horse Jumping and PilatesWhat do you do to relax?
The most relaxing thing for me is a lovely long hack with a friend. I sold my horses last year but have some great friends who let me ride theirs and it’s so good to spend some time with the horses, get some exercise and some fresh air all at the same time.

What advice have you got for someone who is postnatal and struggling to get back into shape post pregnancy?
Your body is different in so many ways now and that’s totally ok, normal and to be expected. It has been through what can be classed as a major trauma so it needs time to recover. You can take this opportunity to create the body that you want from scratch and really change your life.

I have a few simple guideline I try to stick to:

1. Hydrate: this cannot be underestimated, it’s absolutely vital to feeling good. I adore a good squeeze of a big slice of lemon in my water to help keep my energy levels up.

2. When baby rests, you rest. The body cannot repair itself without rest. Trying to work out when seriously sleep deprived can lead to poor movement and even injury. So take a nap when baby does and try to incorporate them in your workout afterwards or book a sitter for two hours and come to class and then grab a coffee.

3. A 10 minute work out is better than nothing. If you can’t make it to class, take 10 minutes after baby goes to bed or when there’s someone else around to watch baby and move your body. Whether it be certain moves you remember from class and can do on the mat or old school aerobics or yoga or whatever, just get your body moving.

Pre & Post Natal PilatesIdeally you want to increase your heart rate slightly and feel slightly sweaty. I know you’re exhausted as soon as they’re down but I guarantee you’ll be glad you did it and it will be easier next time!

4. Don’t eat beige food. This goes back to eating whole foods rather than processed foods. There are very few naturally occurring foods that are beige, so try to ad colour to your diet whenever possible. Try to think of food as fuel for your body. So before choosing a food or drink think what type of fuel am I putting into my body. And allow yourself one treat a week.

5. We’re in it for the long haul. This is a lifestyle choice, not a fad diet or quick fix. These are things we should all apply to our lives to change them for the better. It won’t happen over night but being healthy is much more important than being skinny! And that will come…….in time!

Carol is a Reformer teacher at Platinum Pilates – check out her profile here »

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