Join Alan for this exciting new Workshop Sunday February 4th at 1.30pm.

Animal Movement is a really fun way to introduce body weight and resistance training into your exercise routines.

Learn to lift, crawl, roll, hop and jump your way through an intense animal inspired, natural movement practice.

Animal Movement and Locomotion is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based animal like movements. Taking elements from various body weight training disciplines, it creates a fun, challenging workout. The workout put the emphasis on multi-planar, fluid movement. Participants will learn everything from gentle mobilisations & stretches, through static poses and dynamic transitions & adaptations.

The benefits of this class include improved flexibility, increased mobility and increased muscular endurance.This work shop is for everyone!

The layout of the workshop will be:

1)       Introduction

2)      Mobilisations & Activations

3)      Basic Positions and Progressions

4)      Unloads & Transitions

5)      Flow

This workshop requires no equipment, no accessories, Just an open mind and a willingness to have fun. All the exercises are performed bare foot or in sticky socks. Be sure to bring a small towel also, as you will break a sweat.

Important to note: While mobilisations are taught to prepare the body for the exercises, and regressions and progressions are available for all of the forms, it is a bodyweight style and will require some time leaning on the hands and wrists and bending knees. As such, This workshop would be an intermediate level workout and may not be suitable for people with acute pain or restriction in the wrists ankles or knees.

Spaces will be limited so don’t delay. Book online now by clicking here


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