The things I do to kick start my summer routine

This week we have been catching up with the Platinum Team to bring you great ideas and inspiration on how to kick start your Summer health.

Milena PilatesFor me I really have to work hard to get & stay in shape – that much is true, but luckily Im surrounded by a team of teachers who inspire me to work hard, stay in the right head space and focus on the important things in life which, for me, are health & happiness. The things that I do to make sure I look and feel your best on the run up the the Summer.

For me to feel body confident on my summer holidays, I have to put the work in a few months before.  Quick fix detoxes and diets just do not work for me, so if I want to look and feel great by the Summer, my focus has to start as early as  February.  I find that hard because the weather is still pretty miserable, dark mornings and short evenings don’t do much for my motivation to run outside.  But I always feel better once it’s done so I try to focus on the feelings I know I will have after my run or my Reformer class.  I have never ever felt worse after a workout than I did before, so that helps me to get started.

I also find having someone to workout with is such a help because I feel a sense of having to keep a commitment will ensure that even when Im wiped out at the end

of the day, if I have a class booked or I have organized to run with one of my pals, I will be sure to show up.

The diet I follow
I never ever give diet advice even though I have a studied Exercise & Nutrition Science to Degree Level.  It actually drives me mad to see all these self proclaimed “nutrition experts” on blogs and websites giving their two cents about what to eat and what not to eat.  My studies taught me that no one body is the same and what works for one person does not replicate in the next.  The factors involved in weight loss or weight gain are just not a simple as cutting something out or supplementing something in.

When I’m focused on getting into shape before Summer I try really hard to cut sugar out of my diet. Within days I notice a huge difference in my mood, my energy levels and how I sleep.  It’s that instant and so I instinctively know Im doing good for my body.  That’s not to say this is an easy feat for me. For some reason I have a really bad sweet tooth and this never goes away so I have to work hard to stay off the junk.  I do try to be as instinctual as I can with my diet and not let so called cravings dictate what I eat. Practicing Pilates helped me to tune into my body, so I think this helps me when it comes to my diet too.

How I stay motivated all the time
I think there is a huge myth that people who work in the fitness industry have lots of motivation.  I really struggle with motivation, but Im certain that it’s not motivation we need to get into shape, it’s discipline. Motivation can be there at the start of the day and gone by the end of the day, so if you rely on it as the driver to get you in shape, I think you may fail.

milena pilatesDiscipline, on the other hand, is the direct action you take to make change happen.  When I want to get into shape for the Summer, I schedule my workouts into my week.  At 530am when my alarm goes off, I have no motivation or want to get out of bed and go for a run. But I know that if I don’t get up and do it, I wont reap the benefit. Differentiate between the two and the next time you try to blame lack of motivation for your shortcomings, you might think twice about skipping your workout.

My advice for someone struggling to get started on a health kick
There is never an excuse to not show up for your health and you are never too old to start looking after yourself.  You cant take your health for granted and if you keep ignoring the issue, cracks will start to appear sooner or later.  So when your are starting out, it’s really important to enlist the help of a professional and surround yourself with supportive like minded people.  The start is toughest time and you might not see instant results but know that exercise & eating better will support your health in ways that will run way deeper than just the aesthetics.

A typical day in my life
Every day is different in my world but a typical day will involve a 5.30am start with a run outside followed by breakfast with my three girls who are aged 13 down to 4.  This is my favorite time of day to check in with the girls and make sure they are heading into school in a good form and a great of mind.

Milena pilatesIf I’m not teaching classes or taking clients, I try to get into a class at Platinum.  Running the business, I hate to say it, but I spend a lot of time sitting at the desk, so I’m so aware of the effect that has on my posture and as a result I make sure I do plenty of stretching at home as well as in my classes.

My day can take me anywhere around south Dublin with our studios spread out and with plans to open a new studio a little further a field in the coming months, I look forward to venturing out into new horizons.  I try to finish work around 6 or 7 but mostly work comes home with me.

We have dinner as a family most nights and I try to get to bed by 10pm.  I love my sleep.  Im a Leo and they say Leos are big sleepers so that’s my excuse 🙂

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