Alice gives us her top tips ahead of her wedding in May. No better motivation than a special event to get us into the right mindset.

Alice Trainer

What are the things that you do to make sure you look and feel your best?
I like to plan my week ahead, schedule in three running sessions and at least one long bike ride. If the weather is bad, I still run but I fit in an indoor cycling session instead.  I also make sure I get my daily Pilates workout which I use to tune in with my body and calm my mind.

I ease off with my strength training in the spring as I prefer spending my time outdoors. I often work out with my fiancé and when the days get longer and the weather picks up we just love spending our time training outdoors, on our bikes or cross country running in the mountains.

Do you follow any particular diet plan?
I used to suffer from food allergies about ten years ago, which have now all cleared up but I maintain a good natural diet of unprocessed food, no refined sugar, no dairy and plenty of fresh produce, healthy fats and organic meats. The only food I love more than a nice juicy steak is a plate full of fresh sea food.

I pay attention to my portion sizes and use the palm of my hand to measure how much of each macronutrient goes on my plate. I make healthy treats using oats, nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, black beans, eggs, coconut oil etc. As I do the shopping at home, my fiancé occasionally hides the little treats he buys for himself for the weekend, like Fig Rolls or Jaffa Cakes.  He has caught me searching high and low for them on a few occasions.

Alice Trainer Pilates

How do you stay motivated?
I stay motivated by making my training and food preparation part of my weekly routine. I would not skip on brushing my teeth at night or doing the laundry or going food shopping.

So when you put working out into a category of routine tasks, you look forward to that run by the sea.  I have always enjoyed working out and being able to push myself physically. Setting personal challenges and goals around my training allows me to maintain the fitness level I desire.

What advice do you have for someone struggling to get started on a health kick?
Don’t be overwhelmed by it all. Have a plan, or have someone help you put one in place, be a strategist when it comes to your fitness and health and stick to your strategy. Implement healthier choices into your daily life, one at a time and take your time, then be consistent with that choice until it becomes a habit and then move on to the next change you would like to make.

Make time for yourself and learn to be present, observe your breathing and enjoy your journey to health and wellbeing. Some of my clients have made very impressive changes to how they look and feel and that only happened because they were consistent, week after week.

What does a typical day in your life look like
On a typical weekday, I would wake after 7 hours of sleep and start my day with a large cup of hot water with fresh lemon. This is followed by a super large americano, porridge with coconut or almond milk and some sort of fruit, nuts and seeds. I do some freelance work on the laptop if I don’t teach or am with a client, catch a workshop online or pop into a class.

Alice Trainer Pilates

I would prepare my lunch to give me the nutrition for my afternoon workout. I ‘d have a herbal tea, a portion of chicken, fish, beef or eggs with fresh greens or other steamed vegetables I prepared the night before.

Avocado’s are a staple in my diet, so are lemons for the dressing and olive oil.  I usually work out in the afternoon, so that would be a run or cycle, occasionally a swim or weights session at the gym.

Depending on my training regime on the day I would have snack in the afternoon that includes a source of protein such as hemp seeds or other mixed up in a green smoothie or juice.

I try catch up on some extra nutrition with my juices and love spinach and mango, kale, ginger and pear or beetroot. This gives me plenty of energy for an evening of teaching my amazing clients. I then prepare my classes for the evening ahead. I have dinner quite late and it is usually a small leftover of steamed vegetables and a source of protein, my fiancé prepared for me.

I often catch up with social media and friends or enjoy a glass of Riesling over wedding talk with my fiancé. I finish my day with a calming cup of chamomile tea.

Alice teaches Barre & Reformer and is a comprehensively trained Balanced Body Instructor.

Come and check out one of Alices classes really soon on:

Tuesday evenings in Rathmines at 5,6,7,8pm
Wednesday evenings in Sandymount at 6, 7 &8pm
Saturday mornings in Rathmines at 9, 10, 11, 12

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