This month we decided to catch up with some of Platinum Pilates crew, to get to know a little more about their drive, motivation and what it takes to make it as a Platinum Pilates Teacher

First up is our fab Reformer teacher, Hayley Killen.

What made you want to become a Platinum Pilates Teacher?
As I have a sporting background, my passion has always been speed and skill. My attention was brought to Pilates when, like a lot of my clients, I became injured. I quickly became aware of the imbalances in my body and I started my journey with Pilates where I was able to rehabilitate my own body back to optimum movement. Hayley Killen on the reformerThis is when my passion to become a teacher was created.

I knew that through the power of teaching Pilates I could help others to regain or obtain healthy movement in their own body, helping them to feel stronger, longer and leaner. It is a powerful and rewarding feeling.

What do you love most about teaching at Platinum Pilates?
I have the absolute pleasure of meeting new faces at Platinum Pilates but what I really enjoy is seeing regular clients come back week after week. This makes teaching very exciting for me as I can watch my clients progress and improve week to week. I really like to see you get results from my class and as I always says consistency is the key!

What can clients expect from coming to your classes?
I love to mix things up a bit. Each class is different according to its level or description. You will always leave my class having worked on your strength, flexibility and balance. As I have recovered from a back injury myself I pay a lot of attention on spine health and spine movement in my class which comes with a good chunk of core work.

What’s on your playlist & what music motivates you in class?
One could describe my playlist as a bit bonkers. I love all music genres ranging from 1960’s up to now. I love to share my passion for music in my class as I notice music has an impact on our mood and depending on what stage of the class you are at, I like to match my music accordingly so that you get the most from your workout.

Exercising at Platinum Pilates

Here are a few examples of what is on my current playlist- the Rolling Stones, Kygo, Disclosure, Rihanna, Caribou, Jay z, the XX, Justin Bieber, Fleetwood Mac, Daft Punk, Flight Facilities, Ben Howard, Blur, Shamir, Jairoquai, Todd Terje, Usher, Drake, A Tribe Called Quest, Hozier.
Like I said a broad range!

Whats a typical day like for you?
Thankfully no day is typical for me. Each day is quite different. When I am not teaching a group class I am busy with Private Clinical Pilates sessions.Pink Ribbon Program These sessions are for my clients with specific goals. So whether you are looking to rehabilitate your body from an injury, you are living with MS or cancer, or maybe you just want to keep fit and would like to workout in the privacy of your own studio at Platinum then a private session is just for you.

Other than that I keep busy playing Netball, going to the gym, cycling and meeting friends for walks and brunches!

Where are you favourite healthy places to eat?
Urban Health – Ranelagh
Sprout n Co. – Dawson St
Staple Foods – Gratton St
Maia – Ballsbridge
Sister Sadies – Portobello

What do you do to relax?
Listen to music that corresponds with my mood
Hang out with friends and family

What advice have you got for someone thinking about starting Pilates?
I say just do it! If I had 1euro for every new client that said they wished they had started pilates sooner then I would be a very wealthy girl! I have yet to hear a new beginner client say ‘I shouldn’t have done that’. It is never too late to start no matter what your age, gender, or body type.

Sign up for a level 1 class and the benefits you will get mentally and physically from your first class is a tremendous feeling!

Hayley x

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