If you come to class, peek into the studio and see an extremely tall, dark-haired, athletic lad teaching a sweaty Athletic Conditioning class, it’s not Damy on stilts, no… it’s the sergeant of snow, the partisan of Pilates, the one and only (Colonel) Dan Sanders.

Saying his name makes us feel as though we’ve joined the US Marines and we’re about to embark on some kind of top-secret clandestine mission to protect national security, but the truth is that Dan is 100% lovely, knows his stuff when it comes to fitness and has proven to be a stellar Pilates instructor.

Dan is a strength and conditioning coach and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu pro who also happens to be a snowboard instructor. He uses these passions to enhance his teaching style, bringing a unique flavour to his classes. His mission is to help people along their health journey and coach them individually onto the right path towards wellness. He has a holistic approach to the body and sees each person as unique, emphasising both mental and physical wellness as crucial foundations for overall health.

Dan’s top tips for wellness: “get a bit more sleep, eat more nutritious foods, drink more water and move WELL more often, raise your game by 5%, when that becomes your new normal take it 5% further!” Welcome to the team Dan.

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Tell us about yourself & how you got to where you are today

Growing up I played a lot of sport, football, martial arts, swimming, then about 16 years old I started at the gym and really enjoyed the process of how I could build strength and change my body shape, two years later i qualified as a personal trainer. Since then I’ve immersed myself in aspects of health and fitness.

Over the last 5 years I’ve spent time living and working in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, in a variety of roles such as sports coach, youth engagement, snowboard instructor and strength and conditioning coach where I worked with clients with an array of different goals, from qualifying for winter Olympics to the everyday athlete just trying to get fitter and improve health.

I got into to Pilates and Yoga after chasing winters for snowboarding started to take a toll on my body and needed to start taking a more therapeutic approach to my training.

How do you spend your average working day

Everyday is different, can be early mornings or late nights depending on what classes and clients I have on that day. I try and get in to a few Pilates classes every week, for my own training but also to learn from the fantastic team we have here at Platinum, everybody has a different skill set and it’s nice to take a bit of their knowledge to see what resonates with me and implement it when I’m instructing classes.

What inspires you?

I think there’s a lot of misinformation within the health and fitness industry and believe it’s got a long way to go. I want to help as many people as possible improve their quality of life, the majority of us aren’t going to be elite level athletes but helping everyday people lead healthier lifestyles is really important to me.

What are your goals in life

Long term goal I want my own gym studio and short term I’m lucky to be working with a good team where I can grow and learn.

What does wellness mean to you

I think you’ve got to look at the body and mind as a whole, nourishing both to improve you overall quality of life.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become more healthy

Make a start today!! What ever you decide, whether it’s to join Pilates, improve you nutrition or quit smoking, just do it!! Stop waiting for tomorrow, Monday or the new year. Inevitably when that time rolls around you’ll find an excuse to postpone further.

Find something you enjoy and go from there, seek advice but question everything, you’ll have goods days and bad, don’t beat yourself for eating the donut or missing one gym session, just reset and go again, it’s a journey, your goals will change, enjoy the process and find your ‘why’.

Top 3 tips for wellness

Raise your average, improving your lifestyle a small percentage can reap benefits, get a bit more sleep, eat more nutritious foods, drink more water and move WELL more often, raise your game by 5%, when becomes your everyday habits take it 5% further!

Get outside and play more, well being isn’t about the treadmill or the barbells, it shouldn’t be a chore, play like you used to when you were a child

Try and get out your comfort zone a little more, say yes more and every now and then do something that scares you!

What’s next on the cards for you

Im looking forward to my future with Platinum, I want to improve as a coach every day, continue learning and implementing that to help people, eventually I’ll head back to the mountains and take everything I’ve learnt and work with snowsports athletes.

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