With the countdown to christmas…whats your top tip for clients to get them ready for the party season

My top tip is a bit silly… pass over those Christmas coffee specials that are everywhere! I will put my hands up as I did have an addiction to a certain Christmas coffee special but with huge amounts of sugar and a hefty price tag all you end up with is a post sugar slump, a need for more not to mention a hole in your purse!

For someone starting out into fitness would they better waiting until January to get moving.

No time like the present jumps to mind when starting anything. Often ‘I will’ start something becomes ‘I was’ going to start something. At Platinum Pilates we welcome beginners all year round and even after your first class with us you will feel a difference in your body. Sure if you where to begin your fitness journey with us now imagine how good you will feel by the time January comes round.

Top tip to keep stress at bay over holiday season…

In a world of distraction, to pay attention is the greatest luxury! With our hectic lives and the rush and stress in the lead up to Christmas, to take the time in class to just focus your attention on you, your breath and how your body is moving is the greatest way to de-stress. From the very beginning beginning of class lying on the reformer we are already bringing your bodies stress levels down and sure by the end of the class you are feeling strong, flexible, and reinvigorated.

Do you eat clean and healthy over christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us?

I often joke with my clients that I am the ‘bad girl’ of Platinum Pilates as I like to over indulge through out the year… So Yes I will indeed be indulging over Christmas and I cant wait ! Come January you probably will find me in a reformer or barre class next to you shaking the whole indulgence off.

Whats at the top of your christmas wish list this year

It might sound corny but all really want is for Christmas is for my three small ones to have the best Christmas ever.

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