This week has been my best week yet. I hit all my training goals, took recovery days when needed without any guilt and kept my nutrition on track.

It finally feels like I am on the right track! Routine and consistency is the key.

Monday, after teaching, I spent sometime on the reformer loosening out my hips and hamstrings. That evening I went to a really tough Crossfit class. I pushed myself to my limits and was super proud to finish the workout. My diet was good on Monday, I didn’t over eat. This was helped by a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day! I had more carbohydrates than I usually would on Monday as I knew I had a tough workout that evening and needed energy. I simply added more sweet potato to my dinner of vegetables and turkey steak and I had a banana on my way to training.

Tuesday I was really sore and tired from the workout on Monday. I decided it was best to take a rest day as I had trained 4 days in a row at this stage. I tried my best to stay on track with my nutrition making sure I had plenty of carbohydrates and protein to aid my recovery. Breakfast was my usual eggs and a bagel with the addition of turkey rashers. Dinner was vegetables, chicken and baby potatoes. I had a small apple, a protein bar and rice cakes as snack.

Mid Week, Still on Track!

Wednesday, I was feeling good and ready to get going again. I made sure to drink extra water throughout the day as I knew my workout was going to be a sweaty one. Generally I always drink 2-2.5 litres of water a day but on training days I like to drink an extra 500ml. It was easy to stay on track with my diet as I was busy running from teaching in Stillorgan to meeting friends for coffee then grocery shopping.I had to walk the dog and then head to the gym to train. After training I spent a quick 15 minutes with my Pilates ring and resistance band trying to ease out my hips and low back.

Thursday was another rest day, as I wanted to give everything I could for the following 3 days of training. I spent the morning with Denis trying to learn to do a handstand push up- it did not go well!I have, which really shocked me, a fear of going upside down against a wall, I was convinced I was doing damage to my neck. After a good 30 minutes of persuasion, Denis got me into a handstand with lots of support. It was a big step for me and I am so happy. Nutrition wasn’t perfect on Thursday nor was it a disaster. I made a huge chicken casserole with loads of vegetables and  sweet potatoes.

Friday I taught my usual early morning block finishing at 8.30am in Leeson Street and then headed straight home for a nap. After this I went for a 1 hour walk with the dog and then headed to a Staff meeting in Sandymount. Due to all the running around and early start, I ended up drinking way too much coffee, a bad, old habit I have and not enough water. By the time I had to go training my head was pounding. I waited until it eased and trained in my local gym, doing what I could.

Weekends Are For Treats Right?

Saturday, I was teaching in the morning and then headed to Dundrum. We were doing a promotion in the window of House of Fraser. I simply got into the window and spent 1 hour doing a mat Pilates workout. It was so much fun. When I finished, I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. All of a sudden a huge hunger came over me. Dinner was a treat date to Wagamamas with frozen yoghurt for dessert. I didn’t feel any guilt about it!!

Sunday was spent in my local gym doing a Cross fit HIIT style workout. My abs were still feeling it from my Pilates workout the day before. I was really happy with how the session went and even increased my weight on one of my big lifts. After this I went out for dinner with Denis and his parents. I had a cobb salad and coffee for dessert. Sunday evening I made protein pancakes with some berries and almond butter on top for supper.

I really feel like I am into the swing of things now and I am looking forward to next week already. The bad habits are becoming less and the good ones are becoming more routine.

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