With the countdown to Christmas.. whats your top tip for clients to get them ready for party season?

Plan your balance! I’m not just talking about in class. I think the best way to enjoy the party season without the guilt is to find a good balance, let yourself go to the parties, drink the mulled wine, eat the roses.

But plan to keep yourself on track as much as humanly possible. For example, if I am going to a party, I want to enjoy myself, have a few drinks and some nibbles, but not go over board.

The day of the party I will make sure I stay 100% on track with my diet and get a Pilates class in, I will also have a class booked for the following day (usually later in the day!) and I will prepare all my meals for the next day to stop me reaching for the takeaway menus.

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For someone starting out into fitness would they better waiting until January to get moving.

No, start now! If someone is thinking of starting or toying with the idea its best to jump in before you talk yourself out of it, you won’t regret it.

If the Christmas season leads to a couple of challenges with your fitness journey starting off all the better, you will quickly build workouts into your routine and develop healthy eating patterns, even if it is only 70% of the time over Christmas, once you are past that you will have the foundations set before January and you will be asking yourself why you didn’t start sooner.

Top tip to keep stress at bay over holiday season.

My top tip would be to focus on whats most important. Don’t spend the month of December worrying about what present to get people, feeling guilty about eating treats and drinking a bit more, who you should write Christmas cards too, filling the house with enough food for an army!

Everytime something like this begins to stress you, (and if your like me it might stress you out a lot more often than you think is normal) remember at the end of the day its not the end of the world if any of these things go wrong. Instead, focus on spending quality times with loved ones, family and friends, old and new and enjoy every magical moment of Christmas because it only comes once a year.

Do you eat clean and healthy over christmas or will you over indulge like the rest of us?

I definitely indulge but I try not to go over board. Because I suffer from a lot of food intolerances, I can’t really enjoy a lot of cakes, chocolates, drinks as I suffer so much from them- that said, I will still eat some and definitely more than any other time of year at Christmas.

Christmas Day I let myself eat anything I feel like. Over the rest of the holidays, I allow myself to enjoy dinners / nights out with family and friends, and just eat whatever I am hungry for. I track my daily food intake to make sure I am not eating excessive amounts of food and stay within my maintenance calories.

Whats at the top of your Christmas wish list this year

Top of my wish list is to spend as much time as I can in Cork with my family and dogs. My older sister is getting married at the end of November so there is a lot of excitement in my house this year, and my younger sister, who works at sea, will hopefully be home for Christmas aswell so I want to catch up with everyone and get back in the country air!

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