Week 4 went well training and diet wise, but when my progress was put to the test, I didn’t come out with amazing results.

Like everyone, I am having ups and downs, but staying consistent is the key.

I started the week as I meant to go on. On Monday I did a long walk along Sandymount beach. That was followed by a Cross fit workout. My diet was pretty good, although I did have serious cravings for chocolate and felt a little more hungry than usual. I put the extra hunger down to the increase in training, it’s only natural. To keep myself from reaching for the chocolate I had some extra protein with my meals.

Tuesday I took a rest day, this seems to be happening every week, but I’m not complaining. I have the day off so I always aim to get my “grown up” jobs done. I’m amazed at how much time going to the bank or food shopping takes! Diet wise, I was pretty bold today. We ate out for breakfast and I had an egg white omelette full of vegetables. It seemed only right to follow it up with a scone. I was out with friends that evening and I had a frozen yogurt. I’m lactose intolerant, so if I’m honest, I only got it so I could get every topping and sauce available!

Hump Day, Not Slump Day!

Wednesday, feeling somewhat guilty from Tuesdays boldness, I was more motivated. This was my first day to spend some time doing my stretches and mobility work. I spent about 30 minutes after my classes stretching and moving my upper body. This paid off, as that evening in Crossfit I got a personal best on my Split Jerk lift. Food wise, I was very good. I had lunch with a close friend who is also very healthy,  so we had lunch of avocado and scrambled eggs topped with some balsamic vinegar. Dinner was turkey, cauliflower rice and vegetables. After training I had protein pancakes and almond butter.

Thursday ,I trained in the morning, I found the session really hard. Every weight felt heavy and I didn’t seem to have same explosiveness I normally have. I hadn’t had a huge amount of carbohydrates on Wednesday so thought this might be a possible reason, or it could have been from a poor nights sleep. I made sure nutrition was my primary focus of the day after that, no coffee after 5pm so I could get a better sleep, loads of water and plenty and vegetables and good carbohydrates for energy.

Friday, after my classes, I met Ben for a Physiotherapy session. He did a range of interesting and eye opening tests on me. I’ve been experiencing pain in my left shin and ankle and a lot of twitching in my eyes and shaking hands. Ben told me that my body wasn’t about to blow up but I did get a bit of an ear bashing for how stiff and immobile my body is. Everything is tight – my hips, quads, hamstrings, ankles, back. I have a lot of work to do. He recommended special shoes to buy to help my flat feet and weak ankles. He is also sending me a mobility plan to do before starting any training sessions. After this I went home for breakfast, scrambled eggs, salmon and a bowl of oats. Dinner was shepard’s pie from the slow cooker with butternut squash and baby potatoes.

Weekends are for Work, Rest and Play.

Saturday, I took another rest day. My body was aching and very tired. I stuck to healthy meals for lunch and dinner but allowed myself a few treats in the evenings – curly wurlys, hot popcorn and an almond milk hot chocolate with marshmallows.

On Sunday I got up early and threw chicken, baby potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots into the slow cooker. Feeling fresh from my rest day, I went to the lovely Liz’s L1 class in Sandymount, it was a brilliant class and just what I needed to start the day. I struggled during the abs series as usual but I can feel myself getting stronger. At lunchtime we brought Lucy (the puppy) to Herbert Park for a walk. We got caught in the rain so it ended up swiftly changing from a relaxed stroll to a power walk home. We had the chicken for dinner. That evening I did a strength building and Cross fit workout. It was a long,tough session but I felt great afterwards. Sunday night was spent making a plan for meals for the week and class plans for work.

Ready to take on the next week and hope for some improvements before the next time I meet Ben!

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