Barre Peeps, It’s time to get excited.

Welcome Lauren to the already awesome line up of Barre Teachers here at Platinum Pilates.

Lauren started dancing at the age of 4 participating in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Acrobatics. Such was her passion and talent that she successfully obtained a place at Millennium Performing Arts for their 3 year Diploma Course.  After graduating she undertook training with Barre Concept to become a fully qualified Ballet Barre Instructor. She absolutely fell in love with it and has taught fitness classes ever since. Lauren has taught Barre Concept in London and across the U.K. She has recently moved to Ireland and cannot wait to start her new journey at Platinum Pilates!

Lauren considers herself passionate in living a healthy lifestyle, education, fitness, and nutrition, demonstrating this in her personal life. Lauren has guided clients through numerous training plans and helped instill confidence and motivation in people.

Why Choose Barre? 

Lauren gives us her top 5 tips for choosing barre!

1. Posture.

The most common problem that many clients suffer with is back pain. This usually stems from weak stomach muscles being slumped over a desk all day. In Barre, your core muscles are constantly activated during the entire class. They are your primary focus during an exercise helping you to stabilise your body as you perform an exercise that targets your legs. You will find that as your stomach muscles get stronger with every barre class, you will be standing and sitting a little taller. This will result in less stress and tension in your back during your day.

2. Strength and Definition.

Using the barre and your own body weight as resistance you will target the thighs, glutes, abs and arms to the point of fatigue. It is deeply challenging but results in improved strength and stability, a toned and sculpted physique and better body alignment. During a barre class you tend to use muscles that are underused and underdeveloped which is great for helping you to achieve those long lean muscles we are all dying for!

3. Increased Flexibility.

You definitely don’t need a dancers flexibility to take part in a barre class. However you will notice your flexibility improve by coming. After each strengthening exercise the muscles you’ve worked are then released into a stretch. This feels great after all those pulses!! My favourite thing about teaching barre is watching clients faces when they realise they can finally lift their leg onto the barre, something they couldn’t do when first coming to class!

4. Mind Body Connection.

The movements in a barre class can bring a new level of awareness to the body that you don’t normally get in other workouts. The isometric movements help you to engage and connect with your smaller muscles that often get ignored. You end up working multiple muscle groups at the same time, resulting in a full body workout that will leave you feeling sore but in the best way!

5. It’s Low Impact.

You will definitely leave sweating after a barre class! But you won’t be struggling to catch your breathe. Barre is a low impact class which means its a lot nicer to your joints, which also means its low-injury too! Unlike running, barre is easy to stick with as it doesn’t require breaks for muscle and joint rehabilitation. This means you can be committed to attending classes which means great results!

Lastly, Barre is FUN! 

It may not be high intensity but you will definitely be challenged! Barre uses a great playlist that will keep you motivated along with endorphin-pumping movements. You will leave feeling amazing which is the main reason we all exercise right?

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