What are the things that you do to make sure you look and feel your best in the run up the the Summer?

Water water water! I really struggle with drinking enough water during the day, but I do find as the weather starts to change it gets a bit easier to choose it over a cup of tea. I really do find it makes me feel so much better. I have so much more energy, my skin is clearer and I become less bloated.
Jessica Gormley
Food wise I will try to switch over from warming comfort foods like porridge, soup and chilli’s to smoothies, salads and fresh fruit/veg. I like to stay consistent with my exercise throughout the year but I definitely add in more outdoor activities during the warmer months. It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to walk to work when it’s not bucketing down with rain.

Do you follow any particular diet plan?

Yes I follow a vegan diet for ethical reasons but the health benefits are definitely a bonus. I was vegetarian for 10 years and became Vegan a year and a half ago. I have to say I thought it would be much tougher then it was, but there are so many replacements for your favourite foods that there is really no reason not to make the switch.

I used to eat quite a lot of the processed meat alternatives but when I was living in New Zealand they weren’t that easy to find and fresh Fruit and Veg was so plentiful. It was then I really started to notice the difference in my body, both inside and out. Now I try to eat as much whole foods as I can.

How do you stay motivated all the time?

I’d love to say I am super motivated and exercise is second nature to me but that’s not true. If I am planning a morning workout I will make sure I have everything ready to go the night before. That way I have no excuse. If I am lacking motivation to go to the gym or for a run I make a deal with myself. I’ll put my workout clothes on and go for 10minutes. If after that 10 minutes I’m still not feeling it, I can go home. But that has never happened. Once you turn up it seems silly not to stick it out.

I also think it’s really important to find exercise you like doing. When I started reformer pilates, I loved it so much you couldn’t keep me away. I was going to classes 5-6 times a week. I wasn’t a big exerciser before so it’s definitely been a life changer for me! If you can find something that you love it won’t feel like a chore.

What advice do you have for someone struggling to get started on a health kick?

Start by making small changes. There is no point in trying to overhaul everything all at once, you are generally setting yourself up to fail. For example if you are thinking about changing to a Vegan diet it can seem very daunting at first. Try eliminating meat one week, then fish, then dairy etc. Also your mind-set is crucial. Instead of telling myself I’m not allowed to have something I remind myself that I can have it, I just choose not to.

When it comes to exercise, as I said above, find something you love to do. Find a workout buddy, if someone else is relying on you to turn up you will be less likely to back out.

What does a typical day in your life look like.

I currently work fulltime Monday to Friday as well as teaching. I try to either go for a run or attend a morning pilates class before I get to the office. I find I am more focused this way. In the evenings/weekends if I am not teaching, I will either be at Pilates, Yoga or out for a run.

My goal this year is to complete a half marathon so I definitely need to be more consistent with my running. The rest of my spare time is spent catching up with friends and family or playing around in the kitchen. My flatmates probably aren’t too keen on the mess but they appreciate the vegan treats!!

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