This October we welcome some new faces to our awesome teaching team here at Platinum Pilates.

First up, it’s Aoife, stepping out from behind the reception desk and leaping into the studio!

Our Bray native, Aoife joined us back in July as part of our front of house Team. Already a mat work expert and fitness instructor, Aoife is all set to start her Reformer career and bring her unique style to classes.

You are in for a treat!

Do you remember your first Pilates Class? What did you think?

I first discovered Pilates in Sydney when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was training with a fellow PT at the time who, to put it lightly, was a Pilates fanatic. On a mission to try and convert me he added a 30 minute Mat session to our training one day and to my surprise it was deceptively challenging (of course). I LOVED IT!! From there on I was hooked. I had well and truly caught the Pilates bug. THANK GOD as I owe so much of my pre and post natal physical and mental strength solely to Pilates.

What is your favourite thing about Pilates?

Hmm where to I start?? We all know the key to a consistent exercise regime is finding something you enjoy. Pilates is that for me. Personally I am amazed at the improvements Pilates alone can bring to ones physicality. The one thing that I was particularly drawn to from the beginning was the mindfulness aspect and the awareness it brought to my movement. You get to give love to both your mind and your body. It is that hour in the day your mind is not focusing on the to do lists and the huge laundry pile.  As a fitness trainer I’ve always been a huge gym goer and advocate for movement but Pilates has taken my passion to another level. Pilates is for ALL and that’s what I love it about it so much. I want to help people feel better both physically and mentally and this is really what has fueled and continues to fuel my motivation. In my opinion Pilates is good for the soul.

What is in your classic Pilates wardrobe?

I’m partial to a loud print legging but equally love just plain old black – I’m all about the comfort to be honest.

What is your favourite Pilates studio to take a class in?

Oh that’s a tricky one as each studio brings such a different feel, but I think for me it’s got to be Greystones. Apart from the amazing natural light, being from Wicklow I feel my loyalty lies with the Greystones studio.

Whats on your Pilates playlist?

You could find anything from Enya and classical Pilates to Niall Horan. Don’t let that put you off, I promise my play list aren’t as bad as Damy’s!

What is your favourite Reformer Pilates Exercise?

I actually love Bridging on the Reformer and all Bridging variations, which funnily enough most people hate so maybe I shouldn’t say that, but I do!!

What made you want to work at Platinum Pilates?

Who wouldn’t want to work for Platinum – they have the biggest Reformer presence in Ireland. Apart from this I love the Platinum ethos – move better, feel better , live better – it’s that simple. I want to be part of an amazing and positive team where I can constantly learn and grow as an Instructor. For me personally this is the key.

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