Starting Week 3 and I feel like I’ve hit my stride with pride!

With my killer flu long gone and a course at the weekend, I’m more motivated than ever!

First things First, On Monday I decided to ditch public transport and get walking. I arrived to Clonskeagh a little bit earlier then usual and got moving on the trap table, very basic stuff but just finding movement that felt good and worked for me. The walk really energised me and I was pumped for my classes. Afterwards I hopped on the Reformer and did another 30 minutes.

This energy surge continued on Tuesday and Wednesday. Again, ditching the buses, I took to the roads like a pro. If I had of known how good walking would make me feel, I’d have started ages ago. With my motivation at an all time high, I found time each day to take to the Reformer myself and work on some technique and exercises that I know I need to improve. Dare I say, I am beginning to feel a sense of smugness on par with Damy’s.

Weekend Warrior!

On Thursday I went to Teresa’s class in Clonskeagh. I always get nervous going to classes when I haven’t been in a while. I suppose it’s the same for people starting off or for people who haven’t been able to make a class in a while. Once the class starts,  you realize that everyone is focusing on there own movement and not concerned about how long you hold your plank. There’s something so calming about Teresa’s class that the minute I walk in I feel at ease, although my stomach muscles, arms, legs, pretty much whole body ached (in a good way) the next day!

On Friday I started my Ballet Barre Training, which consisted of a lot of cardio and technique. The course went on for 3 days and by Sunday evening my legs were like jelly. I was absolutely exhausted. Exhaustion lead to pizza and ice cream, but we won’t dwell on that.

The only downfall to my increased movement was that my appetite increased. Naturally I have a very big appetite but last week was out of control. I would eat until I couldn’t move. It really is all about finding balance and I really worked on not being so hard on myself this week.

Ready to go for week 4, this week I’m aiming to knuckle down both exercise and food, I am really looking forward to it!

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